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And I I think done it's appropriate to say thank you to all of the listeners out there yesterday who got on their machines and texted us they did a terrific job we loaded up with text because we had no phones or was yeah yeah our men as she found the news on her doorstep yesterday morning she when she came to work along with Danielle the fire department was here she was addictive viewing we're in the Fisher building there was a fire down in the basement electrical fire and are met it was right there on the scene and anyways we had to walk up the stairs eight flights of stairs and Donal carried my bag all the way up the stairs by the way and we had a little guard security guard to walk us up the stairs with a flashlight and it was a big moment in the radio world that's I don't think is a very happen to me here and I. D. O. R. of those twenty five years ago when I was here I had some problems with an elevator but that's another story so anyways I just want to say thank you to all of the folks who got on there text phone messages or whatever however that works I don't know but I don't play around with that but anyways we had a great time talking to those people who texted the problem was with texting is that I can't ask any questions so somebody called me and said well I got a stove is doing this I'm I I want to know how old the stove is a I have to create a picture in my mind of that product by virtue of a quick comment on the radio so anyways we appreciate all of that now was very nice and I haven't even finished all the emails I got yesterday there's still a whole bunch to do today but I'll get them done and I'll answer your questions on major home appliances let's go to Tim that's right Tim from man ever has a question about his room heater Joe hello Tim thanks for calling Hey Joe good morning morning I don't have a room here right now well we have an addition on our house that we're working on and it just doesn't get really get you back there from the main Ernest yeah so we're looking for suggestions on a at log in here by the room see if you had any experience with that the well you have brands are which things are you still at work while a plug in electric heater yeah that's what you said right how old is your current yes how old is your furnace twenty twenty five years usually maybe one thirty well you get near a new furnace time because before use guard spent a lot of money okay thank about what Dr right pardon yeah this ain't right part of the problem is the thermostat that we have for the burn after other part of the house for all the other the Florida house of the people he because the thermostat and picking up that that parks pool well I I know a little bit about heaters because I have one at our cottage it's in the crawl crawl space and I've got water treatment down there water you know a tank into a well all in all it's all underneath the house so I have that sectioned off with the big pieces textile form so it makes a little room but I have this little space heater in there and they're not expensive they really are direct twenty five thirty dollars and then I'll tell you that provides all the heat that's required during the winter so that nothing freezes over there now the nice thing about a little heater like that they're not expensive to operate they're not expensive to buy and if you place one of those heaters someplace and you add a portable fans and they make all of and you have that fan direct the air where you wanted to and usually takes care of your kind of a problem when you get a new furnace what do you want to ask for on your new furnace is you want to make sure there's a variable speed motor on your new furnace don't forget that a variable speed blower motor furnace creek and okay you go from there Teman let me know how it works out all right with thank you house thanks for calling sure we got an email from Dave in Ortonville and here's what he says in his email he says first of all hi Joe and welcome back to WJR he says speak queens new washers have a fixed agitator that moves with the entire wash drum rather than agitating separately some reviews online say this new design isn't as effective in cleaning the clothes as the classic agitator have you heard anything about the effectiveness of this new design speed queen went to last year they say it's better than any past speed queen washer when washing clothes for clean ability now I happen to be privileged to go and see the speed queen people who came from rip in Wisconsin are they all flew in or drove in to high gloss appliance in downtown Chelsea which is one of their favorite dealers in the United States and they put on a video that the camera is there the TV people are they put a video on on the wash ability of a speed queen washer this new style and so they took white tee shirts white towels and they smother those with catch up eight mustard you name it they put it on those garments and then they'll made sure it dried in the product and then they just threw them in the washing machine I'm telling us some everything came out spotless clean you couldn't ask for a better test of how clean clothes come from a speed queen washing machine we're gonna take a little pause in the action here right now pay the rent.

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