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The Boca Blue Martini will never be the same misses him so much. Boca Raton misses him so much. I guarantee you. He misses the Blue Martini. They don't have that was an Oxford Probably not Billy was stunned by that and finally before we get to lane. Kiffin just floored by kneecaps. Just appear like how does that happen lamps. Kneecap start showing up between the ages of two and six. Are You surprised by that? Lame did you know before listening and coming on air here. That babies didn't have. I did not know that I was actually trying to picture it as she 'cause I'm not seeing a TV. So I'm trying to picture whether they do so I'll go with downs. If you say things fast enough and strong enough. Everybody believes them. Y- live my life by that recruiting recruiting South Korea Lynch. That's why you can't crawl on the ground with him without it hurting. I had a relative. Don't what the facts and details get. We have a good story once. What what have you learned Lane Along the path that brings you now to the SEC. What's something that you know? Now that you simply did not know before. I think I'm just like I would hope anybody wouldn't any type of job. You know. Eleven twelve years later from last time head go to this conference. You know you got experience in different places and You know hopefully. Don't make the same mistakes you made when you were younger. So three years coach saving was extremely valuable and taking more of a CEO approach You know learning from him as I think he helped our last spot. A you and hopefully helps here. How DIFFERENT IS OXFORD THAN BOCA WATER? A little bit more true Brian Link. We're looking at houses Fisher in the backyard like okay like gather some crappy and like like. That's the size of the Bait. Fish us down there. I imagine that the real estate is a bit cheaper right you can. You'RE GONNA buy yourself a Pat. You've already have you already when you're coming down to. Fau people were talking about Actually there was an article written. Somebody was shopping. Four houses with you I think. How is the house buying experience been there? It is a little bit cheaper You know but There are some really. You know all jokes aside there some great areas here and my brother lived here before when he was assistant coach so I got to visit him. You know one summer and see it and And the people are mazing. You know it's SEC. And Passion for football and for Sports. It's unbelievable. How close were you? Or what was the closest you are leaving? Fau before this job came along I don't know I I really was. I know every coach says this. But you guys know me. I don't give coach was extremely happy there. I Love Boca You know love the players team leadership and You know we're doing great things so I think it's it's a really easy place to recruit too obvious reasons Boca and the resort and The weather so integrate campus so I was not most people had an FBI score just dying. You know You know to to get back to power five and take any job was not the case. I was active in this and wanted to make sure it's a place that could win and had one. You know this place you know just coming off. Four or five years ago when the sugarbowl. How happy are you actually coach big football players now because what was startling watching your fau football team and it was a good? Football team is that the players are appreciably smaller than the ones in the SEC. I think you always struggle at that level in the in the lines. You know your your big guys like you mentioned you know you especially in South Florida. You can find skilled guys all over the place so we were able to match up with a lot of good people with skill players but Sec's obviously different. The biggest difference always has been the big players. If you were to give me three reasons that you left for Mississippi would money be among them and what are the three reasons Money would not be? I don't and again sounds crazy but money is very low on my list. I think once my opinion once you get the point that you can afford to do what you WanNa do in life that. What's the difference between you know? Making one million four million you know. I know that sounds crazy to lots of people but and I've been around long enough and I see it all the time and recording that money when he creates a lot of problems it doesn't it doesn't solve everything like people think it does so I see a lot of happy people without a lot of money and a lot of people with a lot of money not very happy so now that is not up there at all it really was. Just I think you know a few times a year you know and you know you're watching you know the playoffs and you're watching you know coach mark which saving whoever it is and you know coach. Sweeney and you're just saying you know you miss that you miss that stage of you know competing at the highest level so I think that that really was the only reason it's not about money. Not about where you live was simply about the ability to be a place that you could compete and you could play against those guys. Did you really just say? What is the difference between four million dollars and one million dollars? Of course it's four million three million. You should hit lane giving the you. Don't get the show. Is it true is it. Is it true if you can do what you WANNA do? You've made enough money in your life that you can do what you WanNa do and not crazy to own private jets and stuff like that. There isn't a whole lot of difference if so make make all this money. Sue You for your kids. Well most time you leave out of money for your kids. Those kids are screwed up. So be careful what you know. What's your what's your priorities are Lane I'm wondering here because I the coaches like there's some great characters in there. Who is the craziest coach right now in the Sec? High Close Mike Leach. Now even close next to them. Meaning there's all fourteen head coaches in the commissioner and odor on. It was like it was like I. I should have had to pay money for that seat. This guy knows at a ratchet up the where do you rank in terms of crazy in the conference among the coaches? Because you gotta finish behind ordure onto right. I don't know it was a great seat owes Ron for just say zero stuff you just saying. Let's go hit somebody just win. Baby experience like goes. Hey Are you going south? Are you going back to Mississippi Anita ride to Key West? What what percentage of Ed or girons words does lane kiffin understand one hundred but you gotta remember? That's a lot of years. That's I think. Four Years Assistant coach with them at USC. Then and I was coach at Tennessee and then I was head coach at USC. So that's a Lotta years to figure out that Kgb's you told Lsu when you were in Alabama. Is it true that you told? Lsu To hire him. I did. I thought that you know I talked today. Deion thought that he do a great job. Things are about fit. I mean what an amazing I mean. Look what happened? They wanted Nash Championship. But when a perfect fit for lsu recruit to the state of Louisiana and he's a great coach. Great Leader so Yeah told him you no brainer to definitely keep. He'd been interpreted time. How much time are you spending dreaming of beating Nick Sabin? Who told you not to wear a hat to meetings even know you know. That story was out there about the hat told it to hold on that story. Everybody you guys. But you've got to be thinking about that right like because he and I know you're hugely appreciative of all things. Nick Sabin. I know that that you have a great deal of admiration for him but there were also a bunch of things around him. That felt kind of silly. That aren't how lane Kiffin runs his his show. I just came. I'm you know I kinda say. This isn't coach. Almost like you go from you know apparent to like stepparents so Pekair ause with for six years kind of raised by him in the profession as an assistant coach and the next time on insistent coach is. I'm working for next. So I mean I've to the best coaches to ever coach Hall of fame coaches but do not just one thing different. They do every single thing different. You know nothing close to to each other so that was more adjustment period for me. You know just from what used to go into like says we're going to step part. Can you tell us the best story that you have about how vehemently you oppose the idea of jamarcus? Russell Being Oakland quarterback. This is not eh against your Marcus and I've said it before this you know midnight and for the draft. I just simply. Hey you know we're GonNa pay this guy you know upwards of sixty sixty three million dollars all right in. He's not ready for it. I said I wouldn't ready for it at twenty one. So he's not ready to handle that and you know it hasn't played very much you know and Mr Day was obsessed with the sugar bowl game. Where beat Notre Dame watch him on? Tv So he was obsessed. That Jeff Garcia was coming to free agency. And and Calvin Johnson was there and said Calvin Johnson. The best. You've ever seen ever workout in my life. You know this guy's going to one of the best ever. So that he was just set in his mind obviously was his franchise. So when you think about discomforts that you've endured arriving now back in the SEC. And back in place of that feels like big football The exit in Oakland. Where Al Davis Calls? Yeah flat out liar and says bringing disgrace for the organization. Is that the top of the list for you on discomfort or do you have something else. That's happened where you're like man. That was a really unpleasant thing to go through entire airport at three. Am after fifteen of the year at three and two on probation. Down thirty scholarships wasn't really fun. Especially when it's not expected you're flying back getting ready to go to the office sleeping office to work. The next day. That was that was kind of uncomfortable. I guess where we're happy to be able to have you back in the FCC. We're happy to be able to talk to you again. Lane lane our raise expectations but avenue. Five after five weeks you play. Baylor Auburn. Lsu In Alabama yeah. They didn't tell me the schedule Lane. Thank you for being on with us. We appreciate talking to you are they. Did just turn the TV on. What are you guys doing this? Inter where we're at is such a good question. I don't know if you're a.

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