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I rebutted I'm Leonard vaults. And I'm Jesse Maltin listening to Maltin on movies, I will Willem mountain. Dr. Well, this is Willem Defoe our guest Willem Defoe hyphen molten. I hope they can sit. On his too long. But I'm gonna go with it. The marquee might be a little tough don't know worth. It. Don't know a quick random question. Yes. Say. You grew up in the mid west. Yes. I did. I go up. I went to public school nothing to lead us or anything. But me when I was growing up. I was called him Van Gogh and go. Yes, you were saying a A you you. give the artist or learning about the artist we call them Van Gogh and everyone calls in Van Gogh pretty much that speaks American English. So the first time I don't wanna feel like a philistine because I've heard the proper pronunciation, right? And well where you are all k- in Italy. And in France, it's fan gawk and in Holland, it's real not really. And I'm not gonna do it Justice is not go. It's been. Oh, it's more. Like, it's that is getting accomplished. You know? So years of Hebrew school, though. I learned that I I'm not you're seven years old. They just had to going. Like a cat. So I could I could handle that. So. Obviously for the movie we adopted the one that we're comfortable with. Because that makes us feel free. Good. Very good. And I also thought that the for for English speaking audiences. That's what most people are comfortable with. And if you're speaking English in the movie, and then you often come along on certain surnames are or words that you pronounce properly, then they just jumped up and the end you're taken out of the moving. Good call. I think. Yeah. Well, the reason I started with that random question is that our guest Mr. Defoe may currently be seen in his getting great acclaim for his performances bango. And we'll be attorneys gate, and and it is a wonderful performance. Really get under his skin. And I'm sure really inch nobble who made the movie it seems like he wanted us in the audience. You get inside his head. I think so it's a very subjective camera. You're with him. You're with him doing things you're with him walking out nature. You you're with him when he's painting. There's some direct address, you know, to the camera, which is sometimes very irritating device in most films. But I think it's done here in such a way that for me. Anyway, it's it's comfortable. You do get in his head. And because this movie I don't think tries to explain away Van Gogh it tries to imagine what his life was like what his in those last years. And that's really broadly, the approach we'll talk more about I want to point out almost emblematic of your screen career also on tater screens or ground the globe right now in aquaman, also Merman. Merman? It's true, though, every time I think if you. You make a whole lot of movies. And I love it. And it's always interesting, but I had no idea you were command. So my husband, and I went to see it the other day there you are. And I just thought he's Van Gogh and Birmingham. There's not many actors in the world who can go. I've got two roles actually right now and one of them, I'm a fish. Though, though, as as we were discussing earlier, not your first time as a fish. That's true. That's true count finding nemo and finding Dory. Right. Well, you've got a heck of a resume. You really do you really do and that doesn't even count because unless we're in New York when you've been there. We haven't seen you on state. I've not had the pleasure of seeing state and still do I still do fit or work last because I used to work with the company, and basically or almost well, I guess I was twenty seven years every day. I was that theatre that I wasn't on a movie set, and that was most of the time. So it was really my life for a long time. I was up theater actor I and I think it really informed very much how I approach performing in even approached how I might movies. Now, I am no longer with that company. The Wooster group, although it does still exist, and I do theater, but only. Specific shows I've worked with Richard foreman. And Robert Wilson a couple of times and most recently with Romeo Castellucci, the great Italian director..

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