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They play the braves would have had to the one that division here. So yeah the eighty three hundred seventy nine now faced they had three good features a good hitters to carry them. Matt how He Kendrick Somehow is still alive. They want Chris are. They won ninety three games. which was the third most in the National League? Yes so they stink. Yeah I mean I. If you're like most teams would have agreed They want more than anyone in the central Atlanta Atlanta. Any playoff game. They OUGHTA game five hundred end. I know hilarious but I think it was two one and they lost last to believe in Libya you're in L. D. as best vibrate. Yes yeah that's accurate. Five seven seven to go. Cardinals shellacked those good times. At least. They're getting the chop out of there once and for all where does it end. Man GotTa go in these not from this land either you understand. He's one of them. It is troublesome awesome. They're taking over. We've taken over our Academy Awards. They're taking over our baseball now. Now now who wants to handle that will give my vote or buying her. I won't vote for US awesome. How Lib Heavens? Now I can't believe it. It'd be knowing how active Ma fans are on social media just handed US team wearing a Jersey that says cream city on it yet. Verse Sack Town. Somebody somebody there's actually the two people who like understood what was going on day both where these jerseys on that night. Nobody was none the wiser. And they're like I can't believe nobody's going to catch it the kitchen is we lay out the jerseys right. I mean come on going onto the court. They're like why's as box kings on national. TV Don't worry about it. You'll see Fox versi honest Adam Silver's like oh no although his yacht Janas didn't even blake because the kid right. Oh yeah he's a skit. Did Not play sex. Listen if anyone's going to get a Dan paid fuckin- and it's going to be honest. Did Not play Dixon Milwaukee when it all now POPs troop Y- honest something I hadn't prepared for. Oh yeah now. He's he's like close to his final four. Took Fred van bleed like an entire shitty round maybe two and then he turned to the best player lab. You apply that Jaanus. You'll have a bad half way we've ever I mean he's already close to best players aid to solidify like what doubt there is right. Now he's doing is doing it for literally. Listen I'm not wanting to cast aspersions on names but for some unnamed Janas Liam felt pretty safe can save actually being very big taken fake news and not being very big. Honestly if you know what I mean. Yeah yeah he's ever sees a Pistons Guy Juicy Pistons Hornets with Twenty One. Eleven after the first quarter like I was looking at the final score the score. boxall eighty seven seventy six. We'll be back after halftime. Does this. That's some good to go out to Pistons Magic Final score right there on anoma bit busted bucks. Bit I don't know was up nine now so that this woman may still it's the would it feels like the teams combined for forty one points no way devante interior. Did I find that hard to believe. The hawks looking frisky me like just regular. This is all I wanNA disappear. Just Rosa was cameras fucking. He's arrived saved looking at him. Heard heard which is hurt early. This like he finally looks right the De'andre Hunters Jones. He and Cam both AH good lately John Collins a beast Mazar like that's this other two and Duane Denison. Great now I was. I was worried anytime a young really any player but especially a younger player gets hit with like PD's expansion. And I have to sit for a long time. I always always. I grew up with bad steroids and shit. Just expect for them to fall off a fucking cliff when they come back and then they they just don't so it's been good to see him an eight and a low Aden's was fair trying to cover shit Obviously Collins come back and amy the Celtics optics work the other day and he's been everybody work unless as some crazy like RC. If I can find it was like thirty and sixteen over the last seven on this in February twenty seven twelve June forty four percent from three sixty one percent from the field like he is cooking cooking the last last ten games twenty four and a half twelve a block sixty four percent from the field thirty seven percent from three eighties for San Francisco. I think they're like five and five like just regular bed. This is what this is fine. They lost the magic tonight Second of a back to back after playing double-overtime it happens good. I think there's something really to a getting a guy that's just like. Wow I'm just happy to be here. I'm Avenue Avenue in Sacramento Anymore. That and also happens like people playing Like filling positions in need. We talked about this with the bucks last year versus two years ago two years ago they were the worst rebounding deemed the league. They were taking threes and they weren't just weren't taking threes. They were hitting decently but they weren't taking them out opera Lopez they got bigger decided spreading. The court is aren't firing breeze. And they were GonNa Start fucking were they tops obsolete and rebounding another. We're up there. I believe leisure there one. I'm not I did something similar but rebel but as you address your weaknesses. Your strikes don't have your strengths get stronger because people are taking away from those drank trying to compensate for the weaknesses weaknesses in. It's obviously not everyone can make the bucks lead. Aksai were has Janas but I I called far off. Yeah that's good uh-huh I'm thinking. Now is I want to keep cappella moving pistole. Thanks but no thanks guy but it's been it's been encouraging to watch the Anthony Edwards in here stone cooking with grease you want. Is that your official hawks. Pick top three just because it was going to be lamelo mellow he. We don't need another ball in that sense and Wiseman of a center. yuck A in. The last. Three hawks could ahead John Collins. That hurts the hawks. Not The hawks. The fucking Hob Bucks Nineteen eight tonight saying. Yeah but I forgot. I forget what drafts that was because I always focus on like I could add. Og Dj Wilson Right Yeah. Dj Will Not daily back-to-back. Justin Patent temples could add add John Collins towns a dozen bad finally cooking in good fan. He just got picked up by somebody because he was destroying during the G. League it didn't he get traded released recently. Didn't they see 'cause I was like I saw. His name was thunder thunder. Yeah on Donald. Got Rid of him. The show's undo. It may have cut him though. I don't know he's an I think. He just came in like with injuries that he might just finally bealty Ray. It's terrible injuries. Yeah straight to the Mavericks and they get Collie Stein Wjr. He's last game. You played for the Oklahoma City. Blue Forty five points. Thirteen boards nine assists and six physics blogs. That's very funny so that's a against one game. It's wild it just keeps releasing everybody in the G. I think we're good is on the Knicks Regular Baid recently to ABCD. They've got the seventh seventh Gardner personal friend Y C they've got the seventh best record in the East since they made the coaching switch. But the aw six games out but the six games as a eight seed. But they're three games added a ninety pardon five in their last ten Reggie Reggie Bullock Wayne Allyn than combined hit ten. Three's against the hawks all like this is awesome. NBA Basketball so yeah. I can't wait till they finish the tense. He's like what five hundred ball second. This season like great Within the coach packing thanks Mike. This is what we will. We brought you in here to do as the bottom of the league like draft wise changed at all. I feel like some. We're talking about because I think we're everyone was shocked. Shocked to see the warriors just down there and they're still down there. There's a terrible. It's Kim was down there the hawks. That's a little gap Minnesota and the Knicks who blew spry losing now We were talking about how they do it. I didn't think.

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