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There are two drivers advancing to Miami homestead for your finals in the Cup series Kevin Harvick with big win a Texas is this is third straight ball race we didn't yes that's incredible everybody thinks everybody a lot of people think that Kevin Harvick is a sickly the man outside of Kyle Busch the man to beat at Phoenix so it's kind of like a little bit smoking mir's everybody so worried about Kevin at Phoenix but then he always seems to be the mall to the chase by winning Texas the weekend before Phoenix so that he doesn't worry about Phoenix it's just it's incredible Texas three years in a row in the fall playoff race always guaranteeing him in homestead statement crash that is getting started speed freaks honest on the night thank you guys for hanging out takes of Tom out away from your Sunday night football to join the freaks again be a part of the staying at speed freaks on Twitter coming up Sam Schmidt big time Indy car team owner for nineteen years he's been a team owner and is one of the toughest decisions that he's made in his life we'll be talking about that is in about eight nine minutes here in a free nation and it happened that that decision that phone call happened when we were on these very airwaves last Sunday night HM so does a bee or a week later so Sam Schmidt having to release very popular indycar driver James Hinchcliffe he'll be joining us again about ten minutes also coming up brit before short top your winter from Las Vegas get set for the finals coming up in two weeks yeah two weeks from this weekend she'll be joining us also here in the free nation looking for Erica enders to women the top of the podium in the NHRA this afternoon in Las Vegas that man if I told you thirty years ago that was going to happen in Las Vegas what the hell would you said so what well first he would there's no track in Las Vegas so that's new dad I mean it's you know in thirty years ago I was standing in line to get surely modalities autograph on my surely mobilni teacher so yeah the ad said so what so yeah it's it's we've been on that side of the fence I believe from the minute we created speed freaks in that we didn't want to be that group but we still do it from time to time bringing up in reminding a female driver that she's kicking dudes **** but at the same time it's like step may just said okay so what let's move on next you know it's like you know I was really cool the way with a crash it was really cold today I bit my tongue when you were talking about Kevin Harvick but in the same state on the same day and the same region on the same interests level in motor sports F. one out drew NASCAR I think that might be more important than the females who won in a motor sports event I was blown away by that crowd in Austin Texas for Formula One today because you're right any place that Formula One has raised here in the in the United States it's been great for about the first two or three years and then the attendance gradually every year after that falls off not in Austin and was it last year that was completely rain driven I mean if you can't count the years that have rain so yeah just throw that out the window but today all weekend in Austin was incredible and ours were there willow IM Matthew McConaughey merry steam virgin those are just the ones you could see in the cameras after the race another hold on a second hold on a second though since when did Matthew McConaughey and Anthony Hamilton Lewis Hamilton's dad become BFF's because how weird was seeing Matthew McConaughey hugging it was his dad in victory there was a time when Lewis and after the warranty for the P. have threats right so yeah I mean that the whole thing and and and add there were among kinda he was talking about Austin becoming a destination place for people in Europe to come to the United States so yeah it's not it's a different world order all together between F. one and NASCAR at least yeah watching all of the races today in an all meaning Formula One into NASCAR into in the back and forth with NASCAR NHRA and our five year old daughter once we went from F. one to NASCAR she goes why is nobody there at the NASCAR race really answer that for you coming up crash Gladys news and notes after re re joined with some other affiliates unification.

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