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Nigel you believe these tears weird who's Todd Ninety-three WIBC. It has primary ease here Ninety-three WIBC and throughout the great state of Indiana. My name is Jason hammer web Kendall's and for big knives. Who's having some anal issues? Glade is getting a bleached today. He'll be back tomorrow. So it's it's not a real sexy. Primary tomorrow. There's not a lot of fizzle behind this thing. I've I've compared it to a preseason football game between the buccaneers and the bills. Yes, you're still going to watch it because you're interested into it. But at the same time, you've certainly seem better. The sad thing is it's one of the most important votes, you can cast because the government closest to you is the most important, you know, water and sewer issues roads zoning what you can do with your property. It's like the jaws to analogy Josh tune shows you local elections matter because it's the same mayor. That's right same mayor jaws two is the same mayor in jaws local elections that is such a great example. I mean, but the has no idea who this town or city councilman is the prisoners knowing who their mayor is they know what goes on in Washington because they see it on television. But. People need to get involved in. You know apathy is the kryptonite of American politics and government, but you just can't get people to care about this local stuff. Do you think people are going to go to cast their vote tomorrow? See a referendum on their ballot and immediately just vote. Yes. Because they think they're helping the kids. Sadly, there will be a lot of these people who will do that. They won't understand the implication of it. And then when they opened their property tax Bill up come next year. They're going to go. What the hell is this too late by then sorry about you? We spent a lot of time railing on the school referendums earlier. I don't want to go back through that whole twenty minute ramp. Great what we had a bonus off the rail segment with you. But the cliffnote version is if you vote yes on any of these school referendums tomorrow, you're being played for a sucker. What what did we do in two thousand eight? What do we do in two thousand ten when we as a popular seventy two percent of hoosiers? That's Democrats Republicans independents voted put these things in the constitution. We weren't saying ignore it schools when you don't like it. It was a mandate to school corporations and all levels of local government. Get your fiscal house in order are. Our houses are not your personal piggy banks. And now it's like we just forgot what that was all about because we pass these things left. And right. I think my favorite thing about the Decatur referendum that they're trying to push on the residents of Decatur on the southwest side is that they want money for electricity for the building. So this doesn't pass them lights are going to go out tomorrow is that I was going to work. There's also I love this one five hundred thousand dollars for quote safety. What what does that mean? What what does that mean is that an armed officer? Is that a sniper is that some kid with a rubber band? I don't know what that means. Why is it always schools that can't get their act together? You know, see cities and towns proposing these referendums left, and right, you don't speak county governments proposing these referendums left and right. You don't see the libraries proposing these referendums left and right? The only people who think they're above the will of the voters. Seventy two percent of hoosiers who put tax caps in place are the school corporations because they can stick the kid out there. And what hammer they're human. She is. Is right. Amen. No, they have no bones about doing at once. Again. I know we talked about it before. But people have to know eighteen billion dollars plus in the new budget for public education seven hundred million new dollars going to public education, and it's not enough. It's never ever enough. The betting man that I am. I'm betting that all these paths because they usually do because people feel like they have to vote. Yes. On these things. But honestly in order to make this stuff stop in order for your taxes to stop being raised and for you to be played vote. No. And if you know somebody that's going to vote tomorrow, call them tonight. Text them tell them vote. No one this crap because it has to stop eventually, it is it is it is crippling communities. Right. I mean, it is crippling to communities that if your communities and competition, and this was the case I made in Berg, if you're looking at Brownsboro and Plainfield, and you've got this gigantic tax burden on you the Plainfield doesn't have why would a business when it comes to your town. Why would a business when it come to your city for the privilege of having to pay higher taxes? Come on man, you're risk of turning your communities into tumbleweed towns, if you saddle tax payers with this crippling burden because they have other options, we're going to have complete coverage of election day primary day here in Indiana. Tomorrow. Eric Berman Abdul the whole gang Chris Davis from our news department. They're going to be holding it down right here at ninety three WIBC non-referendum things could be fascinating to me is Carmel. Is this the year that they finally get Brainard Glenda together candidate? He's made some cases we've had the the women stuff come out against brainer is this year that they've after two hundred twenty five years or whatever it's been they finally get Jim Brainard. So starting at four o'clock tomorrow, tune into us, we'll get you ready for the results, and then the alive results again with Abdul Eric Berman or new staff, our news director, Chris Davis. We do it better than anybody right here at Ninety-three WIBC, ROY. Kendall's for big dodge happening right now at the White House. Donald Trump is awarding the presidential medal of freedom to Tiger Woods and people online are losing their minds. I can't believe you're giving the medal of freedom to Tiger Woods. Keep in mind. Rob nobody. That's complaining has ever heard of the presidential medal of freedom until Donald Trump decided to give it to somebody. Now, they're against it. You you could literally I think we're talking about this earlier, you said the guy could tweet good morning and people would lose their minds at so, hyper partisan. This happens all the time to athletes Yogi bear got the congressional medal of freedom for crying out loud. It happens all the time Obama gave one to Yogi Berra and Meryl Streep. So Donald Trump in one to Tiger Woods for coming back from his little situation that he had where he was enjoying the company. Waitresses? It was taking too many pills was driving when his show. He really spend the gauntlet. Didn't he? But you know, I think the medal of freedom people who don't know any better see that. And they think my God he's getting some sort of military award. It's not that at all. It's a bells and whistles thing that you can give to your friends. And by the way, look there are a lot of people are against Tiger Woods for what he did in his personal life. And that's okay. But his comeback and what he has done the injection of excitement. He is put into the game of golf desperately-needed. Everybody's talking about the PG next week hammer. Nobody was talking about the PJ before that Tiger Woods is great for the sport producer, t k dub, let's do a little legal stuff crime punishment. Judges legals. Big day today. Rob Michael.

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