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Song. These guys. Right. Dogs. Thank myself. I wonder. Do we? I'm strong what a wonderful world. So I'm going to give you the books no matter you get the bible and the complete works Shakespeare and what's going to be. I think it would have to be Jana. It's yours and a luxury. My ipad can. I think I've known. Absolutely. Okay. Be harsh. Could bicycle or something. I think that's probably what I'd take fine. You can have that. And if there was one disk that you would save from the waves, which one would it be? Louis Armstrong, because even if I were caused by by myself, I'd still believe that is still a wonderful world. It's yours Mallory. Blackman's. Thank you very much for letting your desert island discs. My pleasure. I hope you enjoy this dish desert on discs. You'll find over two thousand interviews with artists, musicians, scientists, sports stars, comedians, and more at BBC. Dot co dot UK, slash desert this, and I have a favor to ask. If you could rate and review the desert on discs podcast, it really helped other people fund us. Thanks again for this. This is the BBC. Hello. I'm Evan Davis, and I'm here to brief. You tell you about my new podcast. Sweet reason these polarized times debates on social media, a pretty shouting sometimes compelled to the extremes. So in six programs which trying a bit of an experiment will be trying to have reasonable discussions on the most emotive issues topics like patriarchy or whether people are too ready to take offence these days, identity politics, that kind of thing. I'll be with guests in the studio and out and about as well. And my mission is to foster agreement or at least to better understand disagreement. So do subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

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