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If you're just tuning in wondering what the name of god is going on in the queue studio today we have narrowed where the human servia legendary canadian interviewer and to talk a little bit about his career in in this industry and hardware that you front near band with addicted to cheese and people in toronto eric can hear a lot on thursday and friday and saturday actually the comedian deal hamburger genoa comedian deal halla yeah and i've seen as stuff on youtube neil hamburger he often said when you get your picturing the paper it's a reason for people not to go to the gig see picture night all i won't go to the kids so i guess people her wsb oh of they liked that they could when people only know you as an interview they might not know you as a rock and roll singer what's your greatest moment of the rock and roll singer nerve well i guess the a fat preachers formed on february twenty six 1980 six and my first interview with september to twenty six nineteen eighty five i think probably the greatest of operator roman was when i was out in the audience i was out in the audience but the rest of my ban john collins and david cars while or backstage we are backing up france ferdinand and rose land and new york city right and so france ferdinand to two thousand four bingman there were got off the airplane and the customs people knew who they were threat that is your hair cut that customs people known and ever i can say that is pretty amazing so i was looking for a place to sleep in the ballroom but backstage john collins was and john dave cars wealth of operators and these saw lou reed lou reed was on the guest list lou.

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