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7 one. 7 52, a man accused of posing as a member of the Secret Service is apparently ready to plead guilty. The Washington Post reports that a change of plea hearing for Arian tahar Zadeh has been scheduled for August 1st, back in April, federal grand jury indicted him in another man Hydra Ali and accused him of lavishing gifts on Secret Service officers and agents. Their defense attorneys deny the existence of any plot to infiltrate the Secret Service. Virginia has a new law that lets judges delay sentencing for somebody with autism or intellectual disabilities. But that law did not help a man who was convicted of sending explicit pictures to a ten year old girl and soliciting her online. The lawyer for Timothy James two he argued his autism caused persistent deficits in social communications and he had trouble understanding social cues about levels of interest in relationships. But the attorney general's office said Sue he told detectives he knew the girl was ten and sending pictures was wrong. The appeals court said the crime was not caused by nor directly related to sue Hayes autism and upheld the Rockingham county judges sentence of ten years in prison. Neolog and stain double TLP news. Two children here in the U.S. have been diagnosed with monkeypox, the CDC says the cases involve a toddler in California and an infant who is not a U.S. resident. The children are described as being in good health and receiving treatment. Officials think they might have gotten the virus through household transmission. Endemic in parts of Africa, but this year, more than 15,000 cases have been reported in countries that have not seen the disease. President Biden's COVID symptoms improve The White House says he's staying busy too. And I sound. President Joe Biden and The White House painted a picture Friday of the 79 year old president still at work despite being diagnosed with COVID-19 one day earlier, but during a video conference with his top economic team. This is a 38th day in a row of declining retail gas prices. Biden's illness was evident. Doctor Ashish jha, The White House COVID-19 response coordinator. The president is doing better. He slept well last night. He ate his breakfast and lunch. Biden's doctors say his COVID symptoms are mild and he is responding to treatment. The White House says none of the 17 people determined to have been in close contact with Biden when he might have been contagious, have tested positive. Biden will be in isolation in The White House living quarters for 5 days. Mike Gracia

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