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Bye in a world tag team championship tournament. So explain the step, and then tell me what you think about your asking me to want to challenging you to explain what that will mean. Okay show. They're going to have a tournament once. They start on TV to determine the first Awa came champions. I believe, and at all out is going to there's going to be a match where we don't know what match it is. But we ever wins this match is going to qualify for that match. And then that match will determine who gets the first round by now. That makes sense it. No. You got it. You did it. And it makes a little more sense, than Nikki cross telling management, if I b. Bailey give a title shot to my friend who just lost her that, that really needed a Stephanie McMahon. Shane who get upset. But it's gonna be raising hell basically that night I'm going to just don't, don't cross him almost needed that conversation to explain it like we ever, the he'll with already figure is they do like Alexa. Yeah, we can do this. But without that it was kind of a messy right disenfranchised with rod smackdown live every single week. Of course you are. You're not alone. Those shows are chasing away viewers in droves. Somebody even say the shows were as bad as they've ever been just why. This is a great time to get on the Solomons sounds off podcast why. Because I watched rod Smith then every week. So you don't have to. But I also get to watch a lot of great wrestling from an XT and various other promotions. AWS is a fun time with eighty w coming soon to TNT. It's never been a more fun time. Still to be a wrestling fan. Lots of great stuff out there to cover. I also take male big questions from my audience listeners. We talk about classic wrestling content, as well each and every Sunday, the podcast drops on itunes Stitcher. Spotify iheart radio at all major podcast platforms that Solomon, Stor sounds off each and every Sunday on the Sullivan stirred dot com..

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