Brian Geoffrey Raymond, White House Corona Virus Taskforce, President Trump discussed on San Diego's Morning News with Ted and LaDona


The pandemic this year, they're using larger spaces like schools and public buildings. Keep people separated over these next four days. Jack Runako canoes the president tweeting about the cove. It's spike in the US John Decker in Washington, reports the president tweeting more testing equals more cases. We have the best testing deaths way down. Hospitals have great capacity. Doing much better than Europe Therapeutics working. Meanwhile, the White House Corona virus Taskforce is warning that much of the country is in the grips of what it calls an unrelenting surgeon Cove. It 19 cases. The number of U. S infections reported on Thursday hit a new daily record of more than 88,000 Corona. Virus cases are on the rise in 47 states, overwhelming hospitals across the country. Federal prosecutors say. A former U. S. Embassy worker in Mexico City who was arrested in San Diego is believed to a drugged and sexually assaulted as many as two dozen women. Brian Geoffrey Raymond has been charged in one case involving a woman who was found naked and screaming on the balcony of an embassy leased apartment in Mexico City. Prosecutors say they have evidence of 23 other victims after investigators found more than 400 photos and videos on Raymond's iCloud account. In which he is allegedly filming unconscious women. Did voters defeat the hotel tax increase in San Diego for good, maybe not measures. He received 65.24% of voters approval in March, but it needed two thirds majority in order to pass, which would have expanded the convention center added services for the homeless and funded road repair. Two recent state court cases consists of redefining Measure C as a Citizen's initiative, which would only require a 50%.

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