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Are top top secret. You can't believe what my real campbell like your guy be after the podcast and talk about that. But i'm planning releasing a book a year for the rest of my life. Hopefully wow ambitious. I love it. Yeah exactly. I can fall somewhere between that but that seems like it. Seems like no tangible goal. It seat out that so far with that. I'm going to be getting a degree in business. Analytics as in logistics and supply chain management as. I just accepted into the school choice which one is out. Can you say university of florida polytechnic. While routes yeah. I'm really happy for that in a really excited to go there and with that. Logistics is one of those things that natively enjoying life. So if i would work in that field for about ten years or maybe less than start my own business from their that business on the side gun of whatever that may be yeah. Get the experience in yeah. Logistics seems like one of those things that if you fail. You're done yet if you can get product to retail not even the point in trying on news ninety nine point snapping store at that point right right there is there is no second chance or options. Right at either has to happen her. It doesn't i see that. I see that that's exciting so so now tell me. Are you a senior now. I am a senior right okay. So you'll be going to university next year. Then yes awesome awesome and you're you're in What northeast now. Is that where you're at states. Uh states florida Oh you are you in florida yes okay. So will you be able to then just is a school close or you will you have to travel. It is close ish. It's about thirty forty minutes. You know it's that's not bad. That's awesome okay cool. How are things down there. In florida in the current situation mao not really scope kinda virtual so i waited five minutes before class get. My face started good class to just kind of like a board fast. Even if you're lawyers but yes besides the points it seems it just seems a little bit off yet especially in the subdivision area because world here. There's a lot of folks out here right now. Later taken walks in. it's like zeferino can attack a little bit. Less traffic in the disney bobble is a little bit nice. I can imagine i hear. That's quite insane when things are really rolling Completely everything was locked down off. Can i tell you you can drive the their five minutes. Yes it's very surreal. Wasn't it at least that was my experience when you're driving around and there's not a lot of traffic and things are. It's very kind of. Like you know apocalypse the apocalyptic. Reassure for sure all right well jonathan before we wrap up. Tell me how people can get your book and and where they can follow you online social media websites etc perfect of since eighty nine percents of people have an amazon account in a little bit more amazon earlier less amazon prime. You can feel my book on amazon early. Let's the only retailer but working we're working with people. You know what i'm saying but they're also have an instagram a twitter and i have a website and always is going to work. Well i'm really looking forward to working with her media sources and innocent coverage for sure for sure and i'll also put those at the links to your amazon page and and your social in the show notes beneath this episode at g mark phillips dot com when it goes out so people can find it But thanks for hanging out with me. Today i mean do. Do you have any last words or things you want to share before we wrap up here. Ooh so many things just rushing to my head. Which when i really wanna talk about but sometimes just sit back in one year. What is it that you have done. What is it that you could have done. What is it that you should have done. Because you're never gonna have a chance to look to really do what you should have done. But you'll always wonder about those moments any want those stick with you because those are going to create your red flags in the future to help you move forward better in. Just take those better steps rather than just rush straight into river. I like that. That's great advice. Thanks for hanging out with me today. Jonathan i really appreciate it. I really enjoyed this. Thank you for having me on awesome awesome..

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