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I think we're back and joining us now is my dear friend. The foia terrorist nothing terrorist is. About him, Jason Leopold Jj's. Nicole. See You. In your in your whole studio setup. And it's cool to see you, too. Although there you go okay now you're moving a little bit I'm still trying all this new You know new new toys that I. have with the setup so I can bring in video now. You're seeing me from the side. You're not seeing the that's going out to the to the. Don't scream yeah. So Jason Leopold first of all. How are you guys holding up with this whole pandemic craziness bill? It's still surreal. Obviously! What surreal about it honestly is the fact that? You have to live through it, but also have to report off. So you know serving as a in these two different capacities wanted a father trying to get my kid. Masan to acclimate to go to school online at the same time. You know trying to find out what happened behind the scenes reporting on it and it's just. Surreal you know, tell you the truth. It's It's nice to be in La I. IT feels a bit more stable here if you will. It's It's just. It's been hard and the. Speed, we've actually gone furloughs of awesome, really really really really amazing journalists as as a result of this because the economic downturn, right? I saw that you you. You wrote in a message to me last night that you're saying goodbye to all these friends now did they expect that these people will eventually come back or do you think those jobs are gone? it's unclear, but it also seems unlikely I mean doesn't be like anything getting better yet. You know economically which I'm sure you and I. Can you know consider in talk about this for some time? Which is unbelievable to me to to see what's playing out in real time where you have massive unemployment academy that tanking pandemic, you know. Up Protests over police brutality, the death of George is. It feels like there's her storm. and. It's remarkable to actually even through the back to pandemic just. Knowing that. There's more than a hundred thousand people who died. And the president has as. I'm not in comment about. No no, because he's more concerned with the stock market. Then with you know the lives that are being lost and now today he's announced that starting. I guess next week. He's going to pick up start. Start doing rallies again in places like Florida and Arizona two states, where the the the the the numbers of infections are on the rise again it's. The whole thing's seen. It is and it, and it does feel insane and it's exhausting by At, the work still needs to be done. The reporting still needs to be done, so it's it's. You know got got at this point after these you have to report these stories in my personal opinion for almost for historical purposes an reasons because they are completely trying to cover up what what took place behind the scenes. What's been happening with? The documents? Say I can tell you just on the on the. Coronavirus covid nineteen pandemic I already have like two or three freedom of Information Act lawsuits against the government against a wide range of agencies in the reason I. have that is because we don't know what happened really behind the same. We need to see those documents. We need to see what the CDC. You know how they communicated with the White House Task Force. There is a lack of transparency and and the public needs to. Know, what What's been taking place? We do, but when when they do talk to us, they lie, so it's like I can't you I? Don't believe anything that comes out of this administration. Jason do you. Know. Angry! I don't believe. and honestly you know I have questions for all administrations because I never. I, never just take the word for at too high right over here. You can't see it, but I have a poster. From I F stone. Who is a former? You know a late muckraking stone. It was based on the movie poster from a- from a documentary did, but it's. It's titled All Governments Y. And you know that that's my? That's the maximum if you will that that I live by, it's you know it's. It's why I ask for documents. I want to see what they're actually saying. Right and and it should be noted that I believe it was the Obama Administration who dubbed you the foia terrorist. What yeah so this has been going on for a while. I should also mention before we get into this current story that on Friday. Former Alabama, Governor Don Siegelman will be here for the better part of our. He has a new book out called Oh and I have it in the other room almost I've got like twenty pages left stealing our democracy, and although I knew about his case, he was targeted by Karl Rove and set up and prosecute. He was like the original political prisoner in this country and. And what was done to him is just reprehensible and as I'm reading this book. It's all coming back to me and even more, because I wasn't aware of a lot of you know the machinations that went on in the in the courtroom and stuff that Karl Rove and that Bush justice. Department did to this man who was the Democratic Governor of Alabama is just unbelievable and I bring that up..

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