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You drew drew holding. Felt he had some good players. Don't get me wrong. But he. He's not that level. He's not going yet he's not he hasn't had that game yet. I don't think two thousand eight you give me like a two thousand seven defense thousand six where they were kind of coming together. Lamar woodley before he became dominant. You know i. I think you have something there when you have like a was the two thousand six raptors super bowl. When it was those seven woodley was a rookie. I think i think we could pull that kind of defense off I don't think we're quite two thousand eight level yet okay. Gotcha that's totally fair like salsa different areas. But what were your overall of of that game was that Was that as impressive. As i i sought to be because that was one excellent game from that group i was. I was really worried about that game because the bills do so many wide receiver. They play so many wide receivers and they went wide. Receiver crazy in that game like they. They averaged three and a half wide receivers snap. It's insane like they didn't even average average like a third of too tight end. Every two-thirds two out of every three snaps. They had a tight end on the field like they didn't even play. They're good tight. Ends running backs barely got to play like they just went wide receivers at us. Throw it out there. Because that's their offense. But also i think they went farther. Because you look at our roster. You're saying where are the question marks. Well yeah defensive back. That was our number one question mark heading into this game. They spread us out. We were going five. Six defensive backs play very rarely. Did we even get three defense lineman on the field and they answered the call A really some creativity they the way they protected traynor norwood who had a really fine game and if they nominal game if you're counting the fact that it was his first game and he's a seventh round pick rookie right. No one thought this guy was. Nfl ready going into the draft. Nobody they thought he was ready to be a partic- via a nickel corner. Nfl defense you have been gone in the fourth route. You'll have to do the seven. Nobody thought this guy was going to do this. But the way they hadn't in the you know they have let come in for a while. They were switching mak- fitzpatrick and him not just moving minka rounded. Make more dangerous situations in an answer. You know. fill holes at answer problems but moving train norwood around so that no one really got a chance to see his flaws and be able to split them in whatever position he was playing like. You didn't have long enough so that was really great how they survived that and that gives you a lot of hope for the defensive backs this game coming up. There's no test the steelers in a very different direction though very different now before before we get into this game specifically i want to ask about camps on because he made that incredible play on that four thousand stop that fourth and one that tackled that that recognition a one. That is as good as he's going to get that as a one hundred one hundred football. Iq play on that flea flicker he stuck to stefan digs knocked the ball as a plane. No one's talking about cam sutton made that play. He made plays all game long and he was the guy that they were targeting. Sure they scored that touchdown on them but that was literally perfect. Pass an inch the left into the right. That was incomplete. Cam sutton was all over. Gave davis i believe it was is camps on that guy. Is he a dude for us to the steelers finds something in hamsun's this reason why the let's steven nelson walk. Okay in the passing game. We saw what i expected from camp sutton. He gave up receptions tackled the catch. He got beat by a great throw when the when the cut by the receiver got it turned around. And you know if you're if you're facing away from the quarterback you're covering the width of your shoulder. That's that's all say. He was trying to watch. The guys is the guy. Did some late hands. Great throw great work by the receiver in that situation seen how campsite and gotten himself turned around sutton. A good job recovering. His recovery was really good. He he made that throw very difficult he consistently made it hard on the offense and that's really in the modern. Nfl where there is no such thing as they lockdown corner. There really isn't the rules. Have taken that completely out of the game. You can't just shut somebody down one on one The nfl roulette you. Cam sutton is a very good cornerback. When you about that fourth and one stott and furthermore if you watched in the first quarter when they were up when they had that i kick off he added a tackle on stefan digs or they had digs on traynor norwood and they try to run a little outright. With and very you know joe haden esque. He jumps in there and makes a hit. As soon as stefan dig gets the ball stuff on digs down trade or was chasing stuff on digs camp sutton makes the tackle. Those were the first to legit tackles for loss. I've seen in his career right in twenty twenty. He had a sack where the quarterback escaped. The pocket was running for his life and when he ran out of bounds. one yard. Behind the line of scrimmage camera was the closest player to that was his sack a tackle for a loss where a guy fell down and camera. Something walked up and touched him on the shoulder down like that. That was for a loss. This is not cam sutton's game and he really added. That really developed that this season. So yeah camp sutton phenomenal what i saw a lot of growth from him and i think he's. He's going to be a very solid. Starting quarterback i think as the season goes on. We're going to see he's a steven nelson right. Don't don't put them higher than that. He's gonna be steven nelson. Just too cheap perverse. I think honestly with what you showed there. He can actually be. I've been saying if he's eighty percent of steven nelson for one third the cost. That's great. I think he can legit be exactly what steven nelson was for the steelers. You said that exact phrase to me about fifteen times throughout this offseason off air so Leeann gentlemen. Jeffrey is sticking to his guns one hundred percent. Just so you know but aside from that of course. We're talking about the defensive back. So we talked about darren waller in the first half how the heck are the steelers gonna stop this guy. Kim steelers be the team. That stops this guy from this ridiculous run. He's been on. Because like i've mentioned and it should be an article that's dropping on thursday morning garin waller's the key to this game. The steelers can find a way to stuff on the raiders. Have no hope because sears a he has been their offense for the last about ten games can they stop the sky or slowing this guy. The best case scenario slowing being like seventy five yards. I got good news for you. The steelers are are the perfect team to stop this. They are the team to stop this. Because first off you have terrell like make. Patrick was moving around this game. And trawl edmonds. The steelers were dedicated against buffalo to keeping to safety dedicated to it right. That's not going to be the case in oakland you're gonna see single high safety your mink fitzpatrick as a single high safety. You're gonna throw up when buffalo would follow when not oakland when las vegas. The raiders go buffalo raiders multiple wide receivers. They spread it out. They do that. A lot was running backs and everything. They'll do heavy something five wide when they do that. You're gonna see a trial. Edmonds on darren waller and you're going to see something that people probably go crazy about. You're gonna see. Joe show bert.

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