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MENSA. Sir. Welcome to the program. Thank you so much for joining me. Thank you for having me. I appreciate it. I guess the first question I have for you, Joseph is how are you doing? And it changes right. I'm okay for now. I'm okay right now, Um, little mix right now. Ah, little bit of anger, frustration, a lot of confusion, but I'm hanging in there for now. When you say anger Why are you angry? I'm angry for several reasons. That anger comes from a lot of the confusions about what's been going on in this city involved. In my case, the lives are being spread The events recently, especially last night that that's what angers me is just A lot of it's happening for literally no reason suspension that has no answer. No reason for it. Just a lot of those things. What happened last night. Last night. There was a protest this protectionism protests going on all summer. Find them. Okay with them. Even if they're about me, it is what it is. Issue, Wass. I was having a small get together from my nephew They got came in town. He was out of town for a bit. A little event for some kids here, Father hear protesters. I had to come to my house. Father here. Officers had to pretty much shuttle. These chosen out of the house and out of the area away from the protesters. I just so happen to not be here as the protest was going on. I came back. I had explained to 456 year old Children why people are so mean to them. Why they were swearing at them, Um Chancing taunting screaming at them, and they had no clue that this is completely random. There. Here there at a party for kids. My nephew. And this is what the car This is what happened? I'm angry about that. You can come after me all you want, but these kids now that I have to explain to them what's going on? There's no need for that. There is no cause for that. How many people were there? Um Couple adults about half a dozen Children. Um, no, no, no. I mean the protesters, sir. The protesters about, I'd say about 100 protesters about 2030 cars. They were just in front of the house screaming at the Children. They were driving past the house honking their horns, and I've seen the video there. There's video. There's photos that I've seen, Um, driving past the house, talking their horns, screaming, taunting, asking for me to come out, and I wasn't even there. And it's funny, but not even funny. That's that's a poor choice of words. At the heart part. It was a six hour public listening session. They had a hard part. There was an individual that, for some reason is really admit that I confined him. Um, he's the same person that was driving around saying that I'm gonna drive around with my headlight out. Lobstermen's become tries me and it's just weird because I'm suspended and everyone knows that. So the fact that you think you can drive around looking for me you're going to drive around for a while. It's gonna be a very long time forever Back on patrol car. But he even had photos on his own Facebook page, where he's saying that I'm his worst nightmare all these different things. And then that same group Coming to my house. And doing this in front of Children. Do you think this is? I don't want to put words into your mouth. Do you think this is a form of terrorism? Again. I don't even know what to call it A this point. And it would be one thing if there was any kind of cause whatsoever from my actions, but I defended myself several times. Move it that I defended myself several times, and I could go on and on about, you know the different levels from the D. A's office U S attorney's office. The policy reviews and everything cannot find Go to call me a murderer. Without any conviction without any charges. And then to do something like this. I just again it's I'm angry and frustrated and confused. To recap. The police and Fire Commission voted unanimously a couple of weeks ago to suspend you with pay. This came after the Wauwatosa Common Council voted almost unanimously to recommend that you be fired. You are involved in three deadly shooting incidents. One in 2015 in which is suspect ran at you with a sword another in 2016. In which a suspect was reaching for a gun. As you said, you are totally cleared in both of those shootings. Multiple investigations cleared your name the third shooting at Mayfair Mall this past February. Involved a suspect who was brandishing a gun inside the mall at a giant fight that you were called to respond, Tio And in fact the suspect ran out of the mall. And shot at you. I don't want you to comment specifically on this case, because it's ongoing and I don't want Teo tape the investigation in any way, But it certainly looks to me as though that shooting itself was justified. I want to focus specifically on what appears to be the city of Wauwatosa does. Lack of due process in first trying to get you fired, then suspending you, and now it seems laying the groundwork for your firing. Given this lack of due process, do you believe That this is an injustice that is being so upon you. Absolutely and its again. A lot of confusion comes from I recently saw an interview with Kimberly Motley, where she said that I fired my gun about 19 time and just I'm sorry to interrupt. Kimberly Motley is theater knee for the Anderson family or all of the families. All three families. That's right. All three families, okay? That should give me an interview with on CBS 58 where she talks about how it's an anomaly that I've had this many shootings. Um No facts behind it. No statistical data behind it, And it's great because if you were to look at my department, other departments as well there several officers that have fired way more than those trying to deflect under them. But the issue is even with my own department. We have over half a dozen officers within these past five years that have gotten in several critical incidents and shootings. Come denominator and every single one of them is that the suspect was armed. My best friend..

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