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Also Katie Ridge Golf course. Owners dot com 24 Hour Traffic centre remaining hot and humid here heading into the business week. Mix of clouds and sunshine today about a 30% chance for an afternoon evening storm low to mid nineties he did X up over 100 upper seventies Tonight Partly cloudy, hot and humid Monday again about a 30% chance for an afternoon and evening storm low to mid nineties. Straight storm Tuesday. Lot of mid nineties meteorologist Ken Boone at the Weather Channel already heating up 92 humble 89 in Pasadena, 87. Under fair skies in Houston of the Ktrh, John more services 24 Hour Weather Center. It's 10 31 our top story. Speaking of the G seven summit in England today, President Biden says other leaders pledged to pitch in for 500 million Covid 19 vaccine doses. To distribute to poorer countries. That's on top of the 500 million. The U. S. Has already committed. Police have one suspect in custody for Saturday's mass shooting in Austin. Two suspects are accused of opening fire into a crowded downtown area in the Texas capital is shooting left 14 wounded in two in critical condition. Jim Mudcat Grant, the first black picture to have a 20 win season in the American League, has died at age 85 grand pitch for seven different teams. During his 14 year Big League career 1965. He led the L and victories, winning percentage and shut outs. Who's on demanded ktrh dot com Our next updated 11 now more safe money with Scott, Man, I'm Corey Olson on NewsRadio. 7 40 ktrh. If you're on the road and listening to this, it doesn't matter where you're going with Jiffy lube anywhere as possible. Your skilled technicians are here to change your oil breaks, batteries, plus so much more you can.

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