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The five years many but check out all this was originally reported in the cooling a pass but it's just been updated to to local lake won thirty four west before Kalanga a four car pile up they are out of lanes however one of the vehicles bumpers is in lanes and this is adding to a busy drive from olive to the one seventy some are five north just past the four or five we still have this accident that was it looks like a road rage incident hit and run the victim's vehicle still in lanes and it's affecting your drive on the four oh five north it's really tough from the one eighteen and it stays busy to the two ten Balboa from the one eighteen to the five will get you around at this mass it's a great service street option on Mar Vista four five south before palm's a two car wreck both along the right shoulder this also a heavy volume of traffic on the four or five south from will sure to Lottie Hera Norwalk five north before Norwalk Boulevard finally clear this two car fender Bender both over to the right and going to be taken off the freeway shortly this is adding to a slow drive though from valley view to the six oh five and crew still working to clear the secular in Covina ten west of via Verde they want to remove this detached tractor trailer from the freeway they've got this long bad tow truck there on the scene two lanes blocked it's jammed up from Dudley our next report is a four twenty five I many to check out with more traffic reports more often can extend seventy newsradio conditions much cooler today compared to yesterday with a slight chance of light showers moving through the region later this afternoon into tonight and possibly into the early part of Tuesday for dealing with the widespread cloud.

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