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All right. So this brings up a very interesting question. Is he too old to be a threat? So I wanted to dive into this a little because Meghan we talk a lot in our cases how the majority of People Age Atta crime we know that I think. The numbers like less than fourteen percent of offenders older than sixty five reciprocate compared to sixty eight percent of people under twenty one. There is a huge age crime relationship that is very well established in criminology and actually more than half of all offenders are rented by the time they are thirty and mega. Do you know how long the typical criminal careers say ten years maybe? Twelve Years Yep. So I was actually five to ten years. Most violent criminals do continue offending into their thirties but most people Asia crime while they're in their twenties. So the question becomes what is the purpose of punishment if you have someone who's well into their eighties I want your opinion and then I'm going to tell you of a really interesting case I heard recently. Okay. Are you going to tell people with the five like the purposes of punishment or yes. So I teach about this a lot and it's always such an interesting topic to me. So the question becomes, why do we punish people? So there are five purposes of punishment. So one purpose of punishment of course is going to simply be retribution. We punish people because they did something wrong. Another one is going to be incapacitation we punish someone. So we can keep society safe by removing them from society rehabilitation, which the hope is that people come out better than they were when they went in. There's restitution and restoration, which is surrounding closure for the victim, and then lastly we have deterrence. If we're looking someone who is about eighty years old we know that their risk of offending is extremely low. I think one of the strongest explanations for why people age out of crime is that parts of the brain don't fully develop until age twenty five. So this biological explanation I think is a strong one right? Because if the brain is not mature, then as the brain matures, you're less likely to commit crime because you're more likely to understand number one the long term impact it could have how it could affect you. Instant gratification is not as attractive as you know delayed. Gratification and also just the part of the brain that experiences empathy right I think you're going along with that yet people mature out of crime I think once people gain autonomy and independence to, and they're not subjected to as many rules as when they're younger I it's not fun anymore there's no need to rebel I think people get physically older tired I think crime becomes some physical and as people age like I don't have the age I'm sorry I don't have the energy in as I did in my twenties now in my forties so I understand the physical components to. We saw that with the golden state killer that he slowed down as he got older and remember if it was theorized or if he actually said, it was because he could not. He used to restrain boyfriends while he sexually assaulted the girlfriends or the wife's, and he just didn't he wasn't a young chap anymore and he couldn't do it. I, wonder if on Paul, it brings it when I bring it back to John Paul I. Wonder if he aged out of crime at all himself after calling I mean he was older he was a sixty year old man at the time you met Colleen about ten years on her. So he's he's actually defying what we know about aging out of crime. He's a unique offender and I wonder if he got older and ever aged out or stopped or if he continued I, wonder if he continued to offend against women or anyone else I wonder if you continue to offend I mean it's possible..

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