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And is doing it better than new and kind of capitalize on that fear within us that just kinda makes me feel like he drives me nuts. And as a creative that is a huge fear within each of us in some way. Where like I don't feel like I can do anything after I look in those types. Of posts people. So it's a little confusing too. Because I follow a few people that I appreciate what they're doing. But they they're photo shows like the perfect action. Then the text says up all of like their struggles. And like how they wanna be offensive in real. And all you know, they are sharing the caption, but the Pitt. Yes, like early confused, where's a real part of your life. Then exactly exactly. And so I think that's another thing. I'm hoping that people are maybe that's in that attempt to try to move away from this where you know, it was everyone's stressed out about finding the perfect image. Posting them perfect thing that you know, we can be a little bit more real with from entrepreneur entrepreneur conversations in how we sell to each other. And how we connect with each other. So I think hopefully, we're moving in the right direction. But when I see. The kind of smarmy soft. That's mainly Lamey. That's a good way to go. Yeah. Yeah. That that is my pet peeve. So I mean, this is a good PetSmart Munis smarmy nece. All right last one Michelle how do you want to be remembered? Lou. I think I want to be remembered by someone as as someone who acted. Who like stood for something? And and and was vocal about their convictions. And I and by being a good mom in that sense to and trying to, you know, make things that I don't like about the way things are easier for my kids like that. I think you're you're doing that right now. So and you're well on your way to being remembered by that as well. Thank you. Well, thank you, Emily so much for joining us this really fun conversation. How can people find you on all of the social media Interweb your business? Awesome. Your mother, husky ass where where are all your things? So I am everything is at mother hustle for that publication. If you're interested in seeing my business and how it's run its at cursive, content or cursive, content dot com, and then I have kind of like a professional page where I talked about my writing and my books and things like that. It's on Instagram at Emily. Acre Talla nice Kerr Tele tell low with thinking about to say creek area. Just here ever you want. We love it. Thank you again so much. We've really enjoyed this conversation with you me too. I really did there. It is. That's Emily, critique Ella from mother hustle. You can check out all of our show notes and transcriptions provided by the wonderful. Joe L.

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