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Like a bowl about five. Ten stocky wearing a member's only jacket toxin Damson and does and just just a funny guy. I laid out my case against him. I'm fellow Italian. You can just listen to me talk. They start meeting regularly and one day during ways meetings. He goes, oh, are you interested in politicians? Absolutely. What do you have on politicians? Well, little I know at the time that John Christopher Ben bribing and paying off and doing whatever you do with aldermen and various city officials. John Christopher turned out to be a bribing machine. He told the FBI about bribing Bill. Henry the northbound alderman and other Chicago aldermen and city inspectors keeping bribing public officials his whole adult life. The FBI knew about John Christopher's mob connections and criminal past. Plus is what the mob would call a standup guy. He went to prison once and didn't give anyone up a guy like him actually talking to the FBI and telling them about his legal activity was incredibly rare. So what occurred to the FBI that he would be the perfect mall? John Christopher was the kind of guy you'd never suspect of working with the FBI. But it also come out of prison feeling like the mob hadn't taken good care of his family while he was away. And so Jon Christopher agreed to wear a wire to cooperate with the FBI to strap a tape recorder to his body and go looking for dirty politicians to bribe the FBI called it operation, silver, shovel like the thirty pieces of silver Judah, Scott for betraying Jesus. Like the bulldozers at John Christopher's dump?.

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