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See what's ahead in money news. That was up 80 points. Is your mortgage paid off? I'm Jeff cable. 1148. Traffic and weather on the 8s, here's Rita and the traffic center. And that's what I call good timing they have just reopened the westbound span of the severn river bridge, so westbound 50 at the southern river bridge all traffic is once again moving they have pulled that diversion point. They are no longer diverting you on to route two or four 50 and they are to slow roll behind the police that are driving slowly across the bridge now that it is open. So again, traffic once again moving, but it is still incredibly heavy, trying to get across the 7 river bridge. Your delay on westbound 50 begins near, cape saint Clare and saint Margaret's road now you are able to get across the 7 river bridge, all decide roadways to continue to be jammed up and will be until all of this can alleviate because of the reopening of the roadway. Now, eastbound 50, that had been open for quite some time, not seeing much of even a delay trying to get across the severn river bridge. Elsewhere in the area if you're on the bay bridge, if you're on the beltway actually, the outer loop of the beltway delays coming from river road headed across the American legion bridge toward Georgetown pike. This is the work set up in the left lane. If you're in Maryland in clarksburg three 55 south of stringtown road traffic continues to alternate for that work crew, while in Virginia, it is the northbound 95 service road for 6 44 franconia road. Traffic had been stopped there for the crash, also related is the westbound 6 44 ramp to northbound 95. Under police direction for the crash, authorities were looking for a lot of activity in that area. So that's a fluid situation. I'm Rita Kessler, WTO P traffic. Chuck bell now with our forecast, we just had the warmest start to the month of November on record, temperatures 10° above average for the first 13 days of the month

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