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There's a ton of things out there where you could be doing that in five minutes. Now, you might not be as protected as you should. But you, you, khun doir it and give you a basic that absolutely and in the cases of mostly commercial applications, I don't care if you're mak er or Windows or Lennox, it doesn't matter. Accomodate anything we're talking to Jason Glassberg and ethical hacker. Don't you know he's the co founder of Cassava security. You can go to cassava dot com and read all about it. I'm Riley James. You can join us 88 8765593 88 88 Rally on wg and radio. We're talking to Jason Glassberg and ethical hacker with cassava security. Kasaba dot com. And I I want a second. What you said earlier about credit cards. I don't think it could be said enough. It's Ah, It's the government's gift to us. In terms of protection. You have so many protections when things go bad with it with a credit card that you do not have with a debit card or any ATM material, and it's amazing to me that people don't use it for everything. I go into 7 11 is a big gulp. Here's my 79 cents here. Here's the MX. It doesn't matter to me, but ah, it's it's It's true, Jason. It's probably the biggest gift to our security we've got and it's amazing to me how many people don't realize it. It's amazing to me how many people don't take advantage of that. And how many people don't really check their statements carefully enough to see when issues arise with their credit cards. So a lot of you know, I guess you know it's not for me to judge people's way of dealing with finances, but I know I'm always looking at my bill. Like a hot Yeah, only because you can never be too sure. Right. But you know, that explains something. I'm always amazed when they say, Do you want a receipt? Well, hell, yes. I want a receipt. I want to compare it to the statement when it comes in. Yeah, but, Yeah, yeah. You know, I've actually I mean, I've gone so far is have a credit card. Used specifically for online, you know, absolutely is the easiest way to train my purchases. I have no family. I have four kids, right? Everyone needs something. If I don't. If those charges somehow get co mingled with everyday charges, I'd lose up right? No, no, I'm going to have my own sense of a card, right right and pick one those cash back cards that will give you 5% for online shopping. Right. And maybe go with one of those cards that double the warranty period. Yeah, you buy. Yeah, exactly. You know again. It's like everything else in life. Do a little research first on you always benefit from smart. Yeah. Now I got an email from Don and he and he could have called that's 8888765593. And he said, Well, I don't want to be in the cloud. So if I'm going to be backing up and it can't be on my land, how do I do that? No, I'm really old school. I just say, well, back it up and pull the plug, but they're an easier way. Well, yeah, I mean, there is first of all, the first thing I would say is that I love the cloud right, because to my mind that Microsoft's in the Googles and the M E and the Amazon Have based a billion dollar business on having these infrastructures D secure. And I will always trust their equipment over anything I could put together in my vacation for, you know, dining room. So I would say backing up to the clouds are using one of these professional online services to backup is always a good idea. Of course, you're only going to back up what you tell them to back up, so you know, you need to make sure you're doing a proper kind of backup. Now that being said people might be uncomfortable with putting sensitive information up in the clouds. Of course, you can encrypt it, which is basically scrambling it putting a password. Tonight. No. One If they haven't even got your backup would be able to undo it without a password. There are still older school ways of doing backups. I myself do multiple kinds of backup. USB drives now are very cheap. You can get multiple 100 gigabyte drive under $100. Absolutely one in back up my documents over once a week once every couple of days. Put that disc on this show. Call it good. I do that with two or three different on that way, I revolved the backup, so I've never relying on one particular piece of hardware. That's one way of doing it not online and relatively inexpensive. Yeah, it is an expensive and it's not difficult to do. And it's also not difficult to remember. Especially if you're aware of what happens when you don't Now. Well, that's just it. You know, it's one of these things here will be awfully sorry just until you can, even depending on what your level of data requirements are back up your most important documents to a 64 gigabyte USB key, which is under 10 boxes. Now with with Mac, that's so lovely it all. It'll automatically just back up everything and restore your hard drive. I haven't found a similar application for PCs. That really works of you. No, not they have the time machine back up to the back. Alright is wondering. Yes, Yes, absolutely fantastic. There. There really isn't But again, you know, I keep everything in a holder, a document holder, So just moving that folder over to Ah, hard drive. Is relatively simple. So I agreed. Time machine fabulous. Back of invention. Don't demand E. I don't necessarily need it when I'm on the Windows machine. Yeah, I don't understand why Windows hasn't come up with time machine because I'm sort of a mixed network. Well, Mac PC some Lennox, But my max, nothing backs up like my max And I say to myself No. Come on, has been a wild time machine's been out there. How is it that PCs don't offer this? Yeah, I don't know. I mean, there's a lot of third party software that built the OS level like that. They're not in it, And that's just about everything Apple When you come to it, Look, they make the hardware. They make the software. It all works because there's no third party right now that you know you pay for that because you're going to pay much more for a comparable PC, but the level of convenience certainly. Yeah, it'll be interesting. They're going away from intel, as you know, And I'll be curious to see how that goes. And of course, I'm pain. Well, you remember when they over from power PC to intelligence, the same, you know, to share. This clearly states But then they did pretty well. One thing I would not do is sell apples short in the ability to implement their own hardware. Well, I just I just pray that they will continue to care about Osx because the world is such an IOS world now and that that's somewhat drives me crazy, But you mentioned power PCs. I've still got some A few of them because, you know, cos they're now out of business like the people who made peek. Ah, you can't run Amman, intel, So it's like, I don't want to get a peek entirely. You know that that kind of thing, so ah, eventually, of course, going on. That's you know, that's the problem was kind of, you know, related something we had talked about earlier with.

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