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That makes no sense like this is a drink. It's a good drake. Like let us live in peace. But then it just like the whole thing because i to gi was like funny at. I like all the things that people were saying. We're tuckey i like. Ge generally agreed with. I was like oh yeah like about so out of style like it all made sense and then it just got taken to an extreme where people are calling the most random things like pumpkin spice law tastes. That are just like objectively good. And they're calling them. And why are you ruining people's fun. I don't know and it just kind of comes back to the whole thing that like anything. That's considered like basic is considered like bad. Yeah and that's not true. No that is not true at all and they always think about how like guys always say like only. You're so basic because you like your pumpkin spice latte like you try it. Like try and mike joy. It's really want you literally just like watch. Men hit balls all the and we're supposed to not like to drink drink that tastes guy. Yeah doesn't make any sense now. I i just had to draw line. A girl calling ah pumpkin spice latina tuckey. Because that was just like too far away. I'm so glad that you brought this up. Because i have so much to say so. Yeah it has been. I think in canada. Two full days since ps l. season started and at two days ago. I made a promise to myself that i was going to have the most like white girl. Autumn highlife. I love that for you. I love that journey for you. Because i was i see sounds really sad and i don't think it happens like all the time i feel like i've been like suppressing normal personality feeling. I'm extremely chew and basic. And i actually v like shape so you've just been like personally victimized by like all things to yeah like hide. I'd wait outside. I know and i was like no. I feel like i always like yeah. I listen to justin bieber like high school musical. Like get over it like yeah. I'm turning twenty nine. I just going to like like live my life..

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