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A lot of people don't buy into julius i think a lot of it has to do more with aesthetics than actual skill set coming up next lebron james is well he disor this is kind of finish playing basketball but he's talking any secondary mongering in it's been entertaining out he went on a podcast with richard jefferson and shanti fry in had a response it there's other discussion still landi about a super team plus he's liberate everybody's running from it and it's just it's it's odd to me i'll explain why next up enough before we talk about what is really a great deal pie if you're shopping for new card use of favor had oversee my friends at twenty hills toyota right now you can lease a brand new 2017 toward a camera essy with nineteen down for just one hundred eighty nine dollars a month anti that's it that's it won eighty nine plus tax for a brand new 2017 toyota camry esi right hundred eighty dollars everybody you check out the really you have to check these guys at the best cars the best deals point the hillsborough to check them out point to hillsdale dot com one eighty nine a month that's it i i'm in thompson trudell billy our before we get to lebrun i just i just sent me something and here's the here's the headline michael thompson gifts klay thompson other than kinda mess at the headlines of his teammates to exclusive crown royal acts are apparently there's a release on this quote this is from michael apparently there's nothing more awarding than watching my son and his teammates compete for the third straight year to win an nba championship these guys have played their hearts out all season long are so deserving of the title to grech to congratulate them gifting the team and coaching staff with commemorative bottles of krahn royal xr i couldn't think of a better gift as they celebrate as their crowd the 2017 champios okay couple of issues here i i texted michaels of israel he said yes okay now that those are not michel's words michael does not speak like that michael also toxin abbreviations and i'm wondering if this is the if crown royal themselves wrote this and then found michael to give it to the i i was.

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