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Are expected back in court today which county detectives are looking for two suspects in a shooting early yesterday near Lin wood they said there was a confrontation between two drivers on one hundred sixty fourth street and ended up in the Fred Meyer parking lot a forty six year old man was standing outside his car when he was shot several times he's in critical condition detectives are looking for a man and a woman who were seen speeding away in a silver BMW sedan comment was run over by a van in downtown Seattle last night it happened at third and university right near Benaroya hall has two vehicles crashed into the van careening right at the man he was quickly freed by firefighters suffered only minor injuries neither driver was hurt so they stayed at the scene to cooperate there was a power outage along interstate five in the Lakewood area yesterday and it was caused by a suspected do you I crash troopers say two drivers were heading south bound they collided sending one of the vehicles over the barrier into the northbound lanes troopers say one of the drivers was arrested for being under the influence the other driver suffered a broken nose fourteen are culturally traffic every ten minutes Sears care will still working with our crash in gore's that's blocking the northbound lane of highway three near Sunnyslope road in causing the small slow down there north and I five now finding some congestion traveling through to come the city center northbound one six seven with the slow down if you're approaching highway for ten to also work with them crowding just north of highway eighteen but the rest of that valley freeway it's looking pretty good more wide open both directions of four or five and on the lake bridges as well our next couple traffic up five twenty four we have another sunny day ahead here in western Washington beautiful day with a high close to sixty five.

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