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Order for us to coexist and live in the world I. Think I'm not GonNa. Speak for all black people. Here's what I'll say I think we just want to be treated. Treated the same way that white are treated okay now within that there has to be some form of dialogue. Some form of I'm not gonNA say compromise, but some form of coming together so to your point, it doesn't disappear when you walk in the locker room, but we understand what we're going in the locker room for and we also understand. How can we make? The world better. How can we be a better example? How can we achieve what we all want to achieve? We have to respect each other's opinions. Respect each other's differences and understand are those to a point where they are going to divide us and not allow us to do our job. Because if they are eventually to your point, what would get to if we didn't do that? It would be black sold one whites on the other, and we would have two different worlds we're living in. That's the way I see it. I mean I feel like we do sometimes honestly I think that you use. The word is a job, so I don't know why I understand. We like to think that football is somehow super different. It's very different from other jobs, but it's still a job in every job in this country, every workplace in this country from ESPN to McDonald's to anywhere. They have to figure out a way to work together. So the fact that football players figure out a way to work together does not suggest to me that. That it's it's a utopia, so I I know we've probably got go commercial at some point so I'll stop rambling, but I appreciate Y'all have me on to provide this. Alternative Perspectives dominate thank you. We appreciate your perspective. All of you and a perspective now from Jaguars. Owners shod. Khan, who is a Pakistani American? He wrote an essay earlier today, and here's an excerpt change for all people of Color in the United States is long overdue, and it must happen now. All. We cannot fail our children. Children who deserve to know they have the same opportunity to earn a living have a family and live safely no matter the color of their skin racism in all its forms will kill it kills. It kills communities it kills dreams. It kills hope for many Americans. Now is the moment never. Has that been clearer? More to come on, NFL live still to come. Boom is back. He continues to break down. The top fifty plays an NFL history on the docket today numbers forty, four to forty, two plus Joe Borough to at Tunga via low adjust in Herbert and Jordan Lov. All first round picks in this year's draft. How will this pandemic affect their season? We'll talk about that. With the first thing, the two thousand and twenty graph Cincinnati bengals select. Go Borough. Goes Mafia you mangled Cincinnati bengals. It's a dream. Come true, so he is truly the tiger king. GEICO has the insurance industry leading APP that lets you manage your policy anytime anywhere, which means that Geico is always there for you. If only everyone was always there for you like animal control when you're cornered in your garage by an angry possum Megan you guys said you would be here about an hour ago and I think the positive is starting to get increase. Listen I thought if I felt it would go away, but now it is ripping holes in the drywall and making some nest just coming back, Guy, go always there for you with savings and the industry leading mobile APP. Throwback, Thursday just one day away returns tomorrow night, featuring a classic matchup from Nineteen Ninety-four Number, seven Colorado and number four Michigan at the big house, otherwise known as the miracle at Michigan Seven Eastern Four Pacific on ESPN and the ESPN APP. We continue to count down the top ten questions heading into the twenty twenty season after revealing numbers ten through seven earlier this week. Here's Adam schefter up next with number six. Question number six. How will rookie quarterback's fair? In this challenging off-season as toll facilities for rookie quarterback's to make a mark in their rookie year this might be the biggest challenge of all doing it. During a pandemic four quarterbacks Joe Borough through a Tunnel Bilo Justin Fervor, and Jordan love were first round picks. Barring Injury! Red. Shirt and the charges would prefer to wait as long as possible to play Herbert being able to go out there and represent my family in the Dolphins Jersey. Blessing ton of I low. We'll have a chance to try to unseat the steadying underrated Ryan Fitzpatrick quickly. JUMP UP TO NUMBER ONE overall. Crazy to me is a dream come true? Borough already is one. The job has been dug into the bengals playbook. And he said to picked it up fast, but few rookie quarterback succeed. And none ever is had to do it in circumstances this. Boy, and that the truth since Oh eight thirty, four thirty five quarterbacks taken in the first round, went on to start a game as a rookie with Jake Locker being the sole exception. He stopped the entire season behind Matt Hasselbeck. Nearly half of the first round qb stepped right up to the plate. Teams we one starter. All right. each of you will have you focus on one of the rookie. quarterback's everybody's got a whiteboard although I'm told rob you had to improvise I. Believe Right. You gotTA, Make Do. Yes doing ok well done fair. Enough I like this. We could use right about now all right four. Lsu All American booger? You'll get to go first. How many starts for your fellow Joe Borough in Cincinnati? So take your whiteboard. GimMe a number. To prepare. Down Joel freaking borough, we'll make sixteen starts. They didn't draft him number one overall. WENDI NIX to set him on the bench. Joe Borough is going to get in this offense that Taylor, also ups use his athleticism movement skill, and more than anything. You have to be able to get on the job to learn the job I. think always use this when it comes to. To Peyton Manning Peyton manning stock his rookie year, but that's thinking turned him in to ensure hall of Famer because he understood what he could do what he couldn't do and more than anything, he gained valuable experience of playing. There's nothing nothing that can take away from learning on the job and having that experience expect Joe Borough Joe freaky borough to play sixteen games. That means he stays stays healthy, too, because he's got to stay upright for all sixteen, so we'll keep that in mind to Jeff. We'll keep you in the if your neck of the woods because you're in Florida, so we'll stay in Miami. How many starts for to us as a rookie I guess we're talking starts now of. All Star with the answer when I'm going to say the to ten ten then starts in twenty twenty and look. The dolphins are in a wonderful situation. When it comes to the quarterback position. At this point, they have a perfect backup or starter I should say in Ryan Fitzpatrick who's a veteran leader whose professional who is competitive and we'll do all the things to make this bridge to to a work were coming into a situation where you won't have all the time to learn the playbook that a rookie might normally have under normal situation. We don't know exactly where to help. His team wants to be patient with them. All that being said the idea of redshirt player for instance rookie is so misguided in this day and age when it comes through salary. Salary cap you have to win. Were not rookie is on that rookie deal and that means you gotta get him into sues possible. That's why I'm. GonNa say normally you'd say we ten after the bye week. That's too late. There's two games week seven week or at home against both La. Teams in Miami, a perfect situation to introduce to to the NFL I think he winds up with ten starts by the season's end the to attend I like it rob in.

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