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Helping my dad with our family business and honored to be able to do that and and. So it's it's complicated. 'cause when I think of myself I, do have daydreams of one day really doing being the chief Equity Inclusion Officer full-time chief, Diversity Equity Inclusion officer but. Then, I also have daydreams of supporting my family and my community which includes my father. So I think the the the big probably theme of both of those visions or daydreams is. An y'all both know this that ten of charity gala from Saiki of just being hopeful and which not in a way. That's kind of superficial but really holding the darkness and. and. Believing in the light. and. So I think that like you know no matter what I do whether that's working for POPs or maybe one day doing this work fulltime that I hope that in in both of those scenarios and holding on to Mlive, living and Breeding Jessica. The. Co. Wonderful you are. Do you, say Tardy. Carla has changed my life. Thank you for sharing that wisdom with us. I was going to say it's changed my too and actually as we approach November I've really had to check in with that idea of point optimism and it's been hard at times during these last few months but it is such a beautiful freeze on I. Think Neil Gede Jeet Smother Dr Dhaliwal for bringing it to all of us because it really it really It I've called on it. A number of times i. saw hope you have some questions for each other which will use our last question but I will I will say. That My next big thing I. I. Think honestly. I think I'm in it. I. Don't I think I'm I feel really. I feel that I'm in. On purpose, and so I'm very grateful for that and I don't I'm not wanting for. Ya. I'm not wanting for the next big thing. That's incredible. That's have to end the off. But I can't. I can't connect to any ambition right now mike all I think this is actually what I've always wanted to do I. Think I am doing it And being paid in areas to do it and and then not only being people being able to invest in areas that I want to invest in like the Jane. Club. So the that that. Is Nice to sit with for a second. but do you have any questions for each other before we wrap up? Well. I do have a question. You just kind of reminded me of because you named my Mama which I love that you did that. But I wonder if we could each name a woman who is guided US and brought us to this moment. In gratitude. Well. That's easy for me I'm GonNa name the both of you Oh Shanta. It's true you reach out of very I thought I was too old to have any more profound moments in my life but little did I realize that you and Diane would be there to really open up sort of not even like the next to the next phase of my life which has been much like I'm on target like I'm living in my purpose, which is a gift and I will say again, view both of your work. Trying to think of the not even the nicest way to say it but the easiest way to say this as a black woman having worked a lot of places with a lot of different people this particular experience I'm grateful that your friendship yielded June to June your friendship Neil g yielded are coming to the club could has been a profound transformation to work in an environment. Again, it's not about getting it right or perfect. We are just humans so that's not going to happen. So I'll just stay for any startups or anyone even looking when you offer this your staff, your community. It sends a message shares an intention in an allows for something that does not come through at least I've not had the experience to ever come through before it is turned me into a different kind of person, a different kind of employees a different kind of woman the things that I'm learning here the Jane. Club I'm actually able to pass along and move through in my life. I've gotten that from both of you my relationship with white women again, June Diane being my favorite one. It has helped me. Sorry there are so many of us. Oh God, I, hope you do better this election fifty, three percent for I seriously I expect all white ladies listening to this rate now to call up all the other white ladies that you and your family members and have a start to have some conversations. November is coming sorry Shawn to go on. Thank you for that, but it is been really again transformational to be able to. Engage in that kind of conversation and honesty. When you say that you stand in feedback that's not lip service you stand in feedback even when it's tough. And that in itself does something and Neilan jeep is there to guide US and again last night at the Jane Club. We had a conversation on DIGITAL BLACK FACE THAT WE CO facilitated not easy for me to talk about the ways that I feel to humanize degraded her all of the things and I. was grateful to be asked and didn't hesitate to step into that space because as you said so eloquently, June, there is some joy saying naming, what is the process that we've learned here alternately leaves us freedom on the other end, which is not something I have enjoyed before. So again, I cannot stress enough if anyone is listening and thinking about having a DA officer if you want to be the just relationship with the people that work for you especially, obviously people of color I can't stress it enough. It makes all the difference. So I think both of you for changing my life profoundly. I mean Santa I don't know if I can I don't know if I can go back and. Live with it king. Yeah, I mean of folks that have not paid these women. To have this conversation and I I just know that they're they. Again worse. Startup. They should be paid both of them. But they are here giving of their time I did not pay them to do now for the Jane Club this is this is the way we feel about it warts and all and I don't want to discount all of the. Hard moments we've had and the growth edges that have been so real and. And the yet yeah we're still here and I'm really amazed by that and. And actually. So the the women I want I'm going to name a few women. Who've profoundly changed my life and those are the women who initially financially invested in the gene clubs so that we could open up our incubator space and those women are Casey Wilson coal-lease Aaron Drake Lee Naomi Scott Club Zach.

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