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Right James thank you for calling my name is rob Solomon this is the Olsen law radio show at news ninety six point five you can get on board, and get yourself some free legal advice all you need to do is call eight four, four two two oh nine six five that's eight four four t two oh nine six five we have another text. Message I've been renting many years because increase after increase has occurred, now I can't afford it It's, got to high apparently and I, can't afford a down payment what am I to do well so. Let let's make clear the, bad news before we start anything else in terms of answering this which is in Florida there is no rent control. There is no limitation accept what the market will bear. On what a landlord who's free to contract you are free to contract or not contract as you see fit in terms. Of rent increases so we're talking about places, that are not government subsidized housing or anything like that would just talking. About places, that. You would in the. Normal course of events rent. From another individual and so there is no limit and so when one. Lease expires both parties are free to say I don't wanna do. This unless there's a rental crease I don't the, other, side can. Say, I, don't, wanna. Do this. Unless there's a rent. Increase or, let's just. Leave it the way it. Is any party the of the two parties can decide to. Do that and if they Can't reach an agreement then they are free to depart and if. They don't depart they would? Be, subject to an addiction so the sort of the tough answer to your question is you're thinking that there is an obligation. On the landlord's par to. Not increase the rent order increase it by a certain percentage only I think that would be a. Mistake in belief and from there I think you're going to have to weigh your options carefully. In terms of what you wanna do next this is rob Solomon sitting in for Tom Olsen Olsen law radio show have James Monroe with me right now who answers questions on bankruptcy. In student loans one thing that. Comes.

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