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When will you be able to go to a meeting where nobody smells like. Hand sanitizer bruno's but we can give you the latest business and financial news fragrance free. Let's tease out. Some of what you just said. Are there tools in the toolbox for the fed. Does that point to the need. For continued monetary support bloomberg radio. The bloomberg business happened bloombergradio dot com realized the mark that this is having on a younger generation bloomberg the world is listening broadcasting twenty four hours a day bloomberg dot com business and and bloomberg dictate. This is bloomberg radio live from the bloomberg interactive brokers studios. This is bloomberg daybreak for tuesday. October nineteenth. twenty twenty one coming up this hour. The fda is poised to allow a mix and match approach to cova booster shots democrat. Joe manchin cast doubt on this month deadline to act on president biden's economic agenda net flicks headlines. Today's earnings parade on wall street. Emma bring you an exclusive interview with british prime minister. Boris johnson woolmer. President trump sues blog documents into january capital riot blast. Jefferson statue will be relocated from the new york city council. I'm michael barr more jon stashower at sports. The red sox crushed the astros to take the lead of the anc as the rangers won an overtime in toronto. That's all straight ahead on bloomberg daybreak on bloomberg eleven trio new york bloomberg ninety nine one washington dc bloomberg one six one boston bloomberg nine hundred sixty san francisco sirius. Xm one nineteen and around the world on bloombergradio dot com and..

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