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Free exam for just 69 95. That's not just a better deal. It's America's best book Your example. Online today Married frump, a wtp traffic, We turned a storm team for meteorologist Lauren Ricketts for more details about the snow coming. Yes, we've got some snow coming, and it's moving in overnight tonight, so we air drying today. It's a chilly start, but it's a beautiful morning right now. More clowns this afternoon and temperatures right around 50 degrees. As we head through the day today, Now will fall into the twenties and thirties overnight and then snow around the area by 3 A.m.. And we're looking at snow heavy and moderate at times through tomorrow morning tapering off as we head into tomorrow afternoon. This is gonna be a quick little hitting event. Unlikely about 12 hours in duration from about 3 A.m. to 3 P.m.. By 3 P.m.. We will be dry. Now we are expecting about 3 to 5 inches. A winter storm warning is in effect across the region. There's gonna be some locally higher amounts here in there possibly up to about six, maybe even seven inches, and that would be south and east to D. C. Usually it's the opposite, where it's Northwest. But given the track of the storm, it's going to kind of be off the coast of North Carolina Cape Hatteras in Norfolk. That's why we're going to see some higher totals. Just around D C and points to the South and east so again, generally speaking 3 to 5 inches of wet snow. It's gone by middle part of the afternoon tomorrow, and then we're drying tomorrow night. Now, of course it'll be. I see there's gonna be some snow covered roads, But for the most part, everybody will be dry at that point After about 3 P.m. tomorrow, then on node on Monday. We're dry ice. He started the morning temperatures will be in the twenties, rising into on Lee the thirties by the afternoon. S so it's gonna be bitterly cold on Monday, but we'll have plenty of sun 36 right now in Washington, Gaithersburg, 28 Leagues Burger 25. We have 36 degrees outside w. T O P studios that's brought to you by mattress warehouse by with confidence with a one year price guarantee. Only at mattress warehouse sleep happens dot com. It's 7 42 CBS News landed an interview with President Biden and a portion of the interview has been released ahead of Super Bowl Sunday. CBS is Norah O'Donnell conducted the interview and started it by.

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