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Like in the music they let you can join us on a Friday gosh man that bill bell check press conference that just took place last hour that was hilarious he just literally walked out of the press conference bombarded with questions about a B. and if it was typical bill Belichick he just had enough but anyway joining us on the line right now you know they are gonna be the Las Vegas raiders very soon it's amazing because that stadium this if it's halfway done incredible how fast the bill does look good it's incredible so the guy we have this on the line right now does a fantastic job as the beat writer for the Oakland Raiders soon to beat Las Vegas raiders works for the Oakland Tribune John Becker joining us on that out right now John thank you so much for joining us how are you no problem thanks so John did you see that before we get to the raiders did you see that video just came out of bill Belichick walking out just bombarded with questions about Antonio brown yeah I just got cut that I tell you we we don't miss Antonio brown around. the writers I mean yeah he keeps is busy but I mean it's it's a complete circus can you give me an example because you know you obviously you've interviewed Antonio brown and a number of occasions probably fairly recently up until he left well when you talk about that because you're not the first person that's told us that about Antonio brown can you give us an example maybe a personal example of what happened maybe with an interaction with you and Antonio brown that makes you say that well actually he never really interacted with the with the open media to be honest he was there just it just the fact that he is not available doesn't make himself available. it with this kind of interesting he he only made himself available to the H. B. O. cameras for hard knocks so it looked like he was you know kind of play acting there he was a plane up for the cameras but it's just like if it is there so much drama surrounding him he I I don't know that he is super comfortable being interviewed it just it he's he's got so much going on is life obviously with the the off the field stuff that I I just think he. he doesn't feel comfortable answering questions that makes our job more difficult sure I absolutely need clothes have absent and he's not exactly easy to understand sometimes he he is he is almost. well that's that's a hundred percent sure on that one so so did you see this thing coming did you see that Gruden was gonna get rid of this guy that was just a huge distraction or was it one of those things where you were a little bit surprised when it happened. I was on a little surprise Gruden is I mean he's he's an al Davis favorite from way back for reasons he thinks like al did he values talent over any you know perceived trouble in the inner any drama that this guy's going to create if he can play that's all that matters and I think. getting Mike may are there a lot of readers fans figure you know what this is actually going to be good because they can have somebody the balanced John out I I know there was a little bit. little bit disagreement on Antonio brown when it to look like you was becoming a real issue me when obviously when he went after may I ask. the I mean John came out and he publicly supported Antonio but I I think. John was realistic enough to know that Hey look we we can't have this issue and obviously they came to a decision maybe in a couple days before they let him go that look we can't have this drama it was just. I think they realize look they're not going to win the division is here but they are actually the building something right here in Oakland that it looks like it might be sustainable the culture and getting better and frankly in Tony brown's greatest receiver in the league but he wasn't helping that culture at all in a in a and I think a lot of the players they won't say it publicly but I think there are glad that he's gone yeah I agree do you mean you made a good point I think that Gruden has more of that star mentality and and mac has more of that that balance principal mentality and and blending those two together as as were to have have you dealt with Mike mac at all and how do you think he's going to do as the GM I islands I personally believe that he is one of the top three guys in recognizing and possibly developing talent in a full arm a couple occasions no but I I agree with you I think he's I think he's going to be the guy but I mean he's gonna take his lumps you know lets his let's see how was first draft turns out I know there's a lot of talk about dealing Ramsey but he looked Hey Mike picked a corner in the second round in Trayvon mall and you know some point you got to see if he can play right I I do agree he's got a a good eye for talent but yeah I look at the draft in exact sciences we all know so lesson yeah if you just joining us we got John back on the line from the Oakland Tribune covering the raiders okay job let's move to this weekend let's preview this game course the writers on the road against the Minnesota Vikings if you're wondering what the spread is in this game the raiders are getting nine depending on which book you go to and and they're saying it's gonna be a low scoring game the over under around forty three and a half so the million dollar question would be to you John can the raiders keep this game close can they make it a one score game. I think they can obviously they had some issues defensively. in a last week and Patrick my homes will do that here but I think this is a good match up for the raiders. provided. the they get their guys like you know trump brown and Josh Jacobs healthy in the game I believe both will play turn brown from the. again I am today he was out there but then he peeled off dating practice he just pulled up on the side got a feeling he'll play but I think the match up is one that the waiters can deal with Minnesota defense is tough now their front seven is going to cause a lot of problems and if I'm a raiders fan I'm a little concerned there are car doesn't deal with pressure very well I agree all last year it's going to help the Richie incognito is back because last week the raiders guards here Jordan Debbie and didn't sell good we're sort of exposed by the cheap so getting incognito back is going to help specially with you know begin the Vikings lined it is pretty formidable yeah I I think that if that if Trent brown plays and in Gardena places gave Jackson plan or not no but it sounds like he's close we're thinking he could be I mean but they're not saying but from the sound of it maybe for the Indianapolis game next week you know I I I really like to have a car's quarterback I bill I'm charger cars go back I believe that he throws a really good tee ball but I'm I'm not I don't think he he has the size we did take a lot of hits and and and and they get like you mentioned doesn't handle very well how fresh very well do you see him as a the quarterback for the future for the raiders or is there a possibility that that change the next few years. well I think that's to be determined but his contract structured in a way that the raiders can can get out of it fairly in harmlessly I. I think he needs to show that he's willing to stay in there and be a little bit more aggressive aggressive but also be smart you know Derek he he needs he needs to read them generally the play that's why teams that pressure and make him move around in the pocket you know the a cause and be a little bit jumpy I I think he can be the guy you know I I think I believe John likes him. what here again what he needs to do is he needs to trust you know someone's receivers and yeah going back to Antonio brown that really hurt Derek I think that that's too hard you know more than anybody because I was the guy who was gonna make plays form is going to make him look good so now I think there needs to keep trusting in a down Waleran Tyrell Williams he also needs to the again it's anybody's watch the raiders it is seen Derek is is quick to check down in and maybe not let some of the routes develop and that's where I mean if you look at the film sometimes there miss Allen big plays you know he hung in there. took a another couple looks on his progressions maybe maybe that's the big plays there. alright so I guess so I want your prediction obviously this we can can the raiders win this football game I think they can. I really think it's going to be a a one score game I. the problem is Kirk cousins is also is a quarterback who you get to him he's going to make mistakes is he coming out to the terrible game last week against Green Bay made a lot of bad decisions but the waitresses haven't really shown outside a little bit and the Denver game that that they've solved their pass rush problem. I if they can put pressure on cousins I think they can win it I I'm gonna say Minnesota wins twenty three to seventeen all right so those bettors out there that means that you cover the spread I'm not. I I think if Putin for all has a big game they have a chance to win a few dozen you're right yeah because this terrible under pressure in fact he doesn't beat teams with winning records the raiders are one on one right now so it's right up there the right on the cusp of that but I honestly I think Mr wins this game by ten plus all right well we will see what happens that's why we play the games right well John thank you so much for taking the time to join us enjoy your time out there in Minnesota and hopefully we can catch up again soon pretty next week's game as well we appreciate your time no problem take care guys excellent John John Becker with the Oakland Tribune beat writer for the raiders. we're gonna take a break when we come back very interesting about car by the way yep when we take we're gonna take a break when we come back there is at least one team right now I can promise you this that is seriously considering signing calling Capper neck we will tell you which team this is and I will tell you why I think it is just an awful idea we'll take a quick break we'll be back right after this you're listening to the Vegas tech right here on the on the one on one point five FM seven twenty AM this year marks Las Vegas.

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