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From his fellow sailors. So secretary aspect. Can you explain to those sailors cheering? Captain Crozier Captain Crozier. Why exactly he was relieved of his command. Jake first of all first and foremost we need to take care of the sailors on the ship. We need to ensure their well-being get that ship back out to sea as soon as possible. I'm pleased to report right now. over half of the has been tested. Only one hundred and fifty five sailors Have come up positive Those are all mild. Moderate there have been no hospitalizations whatsoever. So the crew is being taken care about their With regard to the relief of Captain Crozier I think Acting Secretary Moly Made a very tough decision decision That I support. It was based on his view that he had lost faith and confidence in the captain based on his actions It was supported by navy leadership. And I think it's I it's just another example how we hold leaders accountable for the actions. Should there have been at least an investigation before he was relieved of command? I mean the captains of the USS John McCain and the USS Fitzgerald who were captains sailors died at sea they at least had investigations before they were relieved of their commands. Captain Crozier was trying to save lives and he wasn't even afforded the benefit of an investigation. Well there is an investigation ongoing but at this point in time. the Secretary moly did not have faith incompetence that he could continue in Israel as captain of the ship that is not unheard of well the all the services at time relief commanders without the benefit of an investigation up front because they've lost confidence in them It's certainly not unique to the navy. The Navy has culture of swiftly and decisively removing captains. If they lose confidence in them you know there are a number of noted. High ranking former former officials like Admiral Mullen. Who was former chair of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Street vitas whose former NATO supreme allied commander both of whom we have said they did not think it was appropriate for Crozier to have been relieved of duty so quickly without an investigation and that it would undermine morale on the other hand of course you had president trump who said that he thought it was not appropriate for Crozier to even write the letter. Take a listen. I thought it was terrible. What he did to write a letter. I mean this isn't a class on literature. He shouldn't be talking that way. In a letter he could call and ask and suggest he wrote a letter to try to save the lives of his sailors. Do you think that's terrible that he did that? Well Jake. I can't get too much into the facts of the matter because there is an investigation ongoing. This could ultimately come to my desk. I think secretary laid out very reasonably very deliberately the reasons why and I think when all those facts come to bear We'll have a chance to to understand. Why Secretary did what he did acting. Navy secretary moberly reportedly told a colleague on Wednesday quote breaking news. Trump wants him. Fired did ultimately. This decision wasn't made my president trump. This was secretary least decision. He briefed me about it. and I I got I took the advice of the CNO and General Milley With regard to it and I told him I would support his decision. I want to ask you about the sailors because you mentioned What was going on with them. A Pentagon spokesperson on Friday said the goal was to have a total of twenty seven hundred sailors off the ship by Friday evening as of yesterday afternoon only one thousand five hundred forty eight sailors had been moved ashore more than two thousand away from your goal. What's the latest and why has failed to reach the goal? When will everyone be off the ship? Well the navy is is is working that very carefully very closely The new commander We'LL BE OUT. There should be out very soon. there's not a need necessarily remove every sailor from the ship. You cannot do that. Because there's a nuclear reactors to be Ron. You have very sensitive the equipment. You have weapons on board that ship so you cannot completely evacuate the ship. So it's how you manage the crew to make sure you're protecting them. Segregating treating those new treated while at the same time maintaining the rightness of the ship in case it's called upon to get to see quickly doesn't the fact that the navy hasn't even gotten all the sailors off the ship that they said they were. GonNa get off by Friday night underlying captain. Crozier's concerned that the navy is not taking this seriously enough with the urgency it deserves. I think that's a completely false narrative. Jake the navy's been on top of this now for several days when it first came down that we had the first cases aboard the Teddy Roosevelt the CNO the entire military chain of command. Circe moly himself have been involved moving supplies testing kits providing support to the sailors from Guam at Guam They they were all in in terms of providing support to this crew the ship as it. Rodman port so I did. I disagree with that. I have a lot of faith and confidence in the navy leadership. I WanNa ask you about something else. Navy's doing the Navy has moved the hospital ships the comfort and the mercy to New York and Los Angeles respectively to treat non Corona virus patients help alleviate the burden on hospitals in Los Angeles and New York. Our latest numbers show that they're only a few dozen patients on those ships combined. What's the reason for that? And why not allow Corona virus patients on those ships as well given the fact that these outbreaks are really dire situation in Los Angeles and New York. Sure well first of all we've worked. These plans out closely with With the New York State and New York City I would say a major reason. Why is those two ships are ahead of need as set up front? Dod's been ahead of this curve from the beginning so whether it's the ships filled hospitals or a preparation of Eight sites around the country where we build hospitals another twenty two. That will come online the next two weeks. We've stayed ahead of NEAT here. That's factor number one number two is as As the ships pulled in we learned As a result of corona virus were seeing fewer trauma cases so the plan was to trauma cases aboard both ships freeing up much needed Room space in an hospital where you can segregate patients you can treat them corona virus and that way you keep the comfort mercy free to deal strictly with with trauma patients and not infect the trauma patients with Krona virus as we see now the problem is far greater when when it comes to corona virus. That's why we've opened up the javits center and other expanded hospitals around the country for virus. And we're prepared to leverage The The mercy and comfort as well to do that. I've given authority to the North Com commander to make that call when he needs to make the call but the important thing to know is those ships have something that nobody else possesses. They possess the ability to move quickly around the country along the shoreline to deliver a thousand bed hospital with hundreds of doctors nurses and technicians. So we want. If we'RE GONNA lose that capability we want to lose it as a last alternative speaking of capability. Obviously the military is still needs to be prepared to defend the country and execute. Its mission even during this corona virus outbreak. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Mark. Milley said this week there will be an impact her readiness. Do you agree. And how severe weather could be an impact rating this. We're watching it very closely. You know we've been at this. Since since January in fact on February first issued activate our global pandemic order on February third. I sent guidance out the troops in terms of how to take care of themselves because remember priority. Number two for me is ensuring we retain our national ready rightness capabilities military capabilities. So we watch it very closely All the units report that they're very capable of the remain re very ready. We have had to cancel exercises we've had had to constrain basic training for example. We think those are all manageable It's important that our adversaries no and that the American people know that we're on the watch we're prepared to defend them and defend our interests abroad secretary S. For thanks so much for your time today and please thank the the men and women of the United States military for all. They're doing to try to help out. During this pandemic we appreciate it. Thank you jake. They're all doing a great job and I'm very proud of them. Thank you so much sir so realistically how.

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