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All right well we will keep you up to date bruce macarthur thank god he is off the streets and caught i mean it's been a lot of a lot of captures would wanna what we'll talk about next week but i'm sure i am sure the world shell provide icee again tell us we've been getting people sending stuff to us to speak about we'll start going that information we would love to hear what you're interested in hearing about there's because there's things slide under the radar i like to do some more conspiracy theory stuff as well i was trying to read into cue in on do you know that cunanan goes all the way down to the believe the democrats have access to an ai that is trying to subvert all of it like it goes down that stupid ai war is very real we could cover that they were them and we just had i just released it on that bonus top at episode with the space force donald trump is it's so ridiculous but it's you know with six branch of the government space force type thing it's been talked about for many years bit of a name before no extra dumb when he says it he literally said we're big space we're big in even that even mean it means nothing not allowed to own anything do we own the moon golden there's an agreement that no one can own the moon including pizza hut because remember back in the day we projected advertise on the moon and then there was a universal consensus that said we don't want to cheapen the askar not yet it will be happening so yeah the stuff man that's that's the next level you know i'll be i'll be a gesture for them i don't give shine it's just going to give them a shot man the problem is if we do just program them with the us laws everything's illegal so but we were talking to be arrested but i thought it was kind of cool that we had friends that were talking about how ai can also branch into a weird world where you make them hyper their superintendent and they can access anything they want with their cpu or whatever it is part of it but they are supposed to only do many like menial tasks like you have something that.

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