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Shane company year after year is because they know they're getting the best value on fine jewelry we're known for our superior standards we only sell real diamonds formed in nature not in a laboratory because only real diamonds hold their value over time the financial value and their sentimental value any day I can walk over to your typical jewelry store and see tons of jeweler with synthetic stones which continue to plummet in value at Shane company would never sell you a synthetics down authenticity and transparency are important to our family and everything we sell including our natural rubies and sapphires and our pearls they're all genuine your Shane company jewelry is a true lasting value when you pass it down to the next generation you can be proud knowing that your giving your loved one something real now you have a friend in the diamond business Shane company and Chanchal dot com I'm Russell shot with realty one group considering selling don't trust instant offer firms trying to steal your home it's a fact that you'll be losing ten to twenty percent when you hire us you don't have to give your home a way to sell fast valley wide any condition even as he is the investor offer was supposedly fair rest got me ninety five thousand more Russell got us twenty two thousand one hundred and fifty dollars more than the investor offer almost fifteen thousand more canceled in two days at twenty four thousand more flexible commissions the right to sell it yourself and if you're not happy fire me last year over three hundred sellers trusted us to protect their homes value I'm not bragging I'm applying for a job I want to be your realtor don't sell until you talk to us six so two nine five seven seven seven seven seven valley wide six so two nine five seven seventy seven seventy seven our no hassle listing dot com thank you it's Gail spear with Stephanie fords in telling you not to miss the fortune financial our on Saturdays at one PM Hey Gatos will be helping you take the guesswork out of your retirement planning talking about how current events will affect your savings and strategies to maximize your retirement income so don't miss the fortune financial our with Stephanie for ten to fourteen financial planning your source for all things to prepare you to live the retirement of your dreams on Saturdays at one PM right here on KTAR investment by three services offered to can financial group LLC an SEC registered investment but nothing is more frustrating than struggling with your eye sight trust me I know whether it's not being able to read the small print on a document prescription label or a menu or trying to focus in on an object in the distance and all you see is something out of focus blurry.

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