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The two seemed to connect emotionally given their history of romantic trouble elsa had recently gone through a messy divorce a future albert slowly began to see for himself the two started a correspondence most of the time albert simply vented about believer but after a while the letters turned romantic einstein fell for her due to her compassionate nature and sympathy for his plate having gone through a divorce herself in fact part of the allure of taking the director's job in germany was to be closer to elsa albert moved to berlin for his job in april of 1914 malaysia however caught on to the letters in refused to go to berlin she distrusted elsa fearing her as a romantic rival but with albert now alone in berlin believer eventually gave in and arrived in berlin in late 1914 albert and miliver tried to reconcile but that proved impossible their marital discourse only seemed to grow worse it finally got to the point where mileva left the house taking the children she stayed with a mutual friend while she an einstein tried to work things out the to discuss terms of separation not yet divorce and on july 14th 1914 einstein parted with his sons at the train station this was one of the hardest moments for einstein it said he cried all day when he said farewell to them the no one else to turn to einstein went elsa for comfort she welcomed him with open arms soon the to begin an official romantic relationship and elsa sought to mary albert immediately but albert wasn't ready for such a commitment not yet.

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