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Afternoon it is three O 8 If you can Michael and son And back we go to Dave in the traffic center All right Brennan the slowest traffic around the beltway four 95 S Montgomery county on the interloop from Connecticut over to New Hampshire avenue where a crash last hour was moved mostly onto the shoulder delays remain on the interloop elsewhere in the county Goody drive at south lawn lane in crash reported and a Germantown one on great Seneca highway near wisteria drive But now north out on great Seneca highway one lane does get by northbound With nothing to worry about on two 70 95 the Baltimore Washington Parkway or 50 bay bridge The top story in Virginia remains in Stafford county where for more than an hour I 95 was closed to northbound traffic but as of about 15 minutes ago the northbound diversion was lifted and northbound traffic began getting by the scene of multiple crashes a couple of trucks involved between exits one 40 and one 43 getting by in a single lane to the left The workaround bailout traffic remains heavy near staff or courthouse on route one that remains an option but it will take time It will obviously take time north out on the main line with only one left lane getting by beyond Stafford X at one 40 route 6 30 Southbound lanes are open Route 28 southbound still slow past westfield's boulevard the trash truck fire extinguished the load disgorged on the right side only one or two lanes getting by to the left southbound on Virginia route 28 If you like numbers you'll love the Maryland lottery's new pick 5 game There are two pick 5 drawings per day and you can win up to $50,000 play new pick 5 today and please play responsibly Dave dillin WTO traffic Let's go to storm team fours Michelle Grossman A good Thursday afternoon mostly cloudy breezy and mild We're going to feel like April as we go throughout the afternoon highest mid depper 60s.

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