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Radio one thousand eighty okay m. k. x. y. f._m. ninety six point one h._d. two oklahoma city there has been at arrest now in the case of that missing utah student i'm beth myers and the newsradio one thousand k. t. o. k. new center police in salt lake city now say missing twenty-three-year-old mackenzie luek was kidnapped and murdered and they're bringing charges against a suspect who is now in police custody this is salt lake city police chief mike brown with heavy heart i address you today after an exhaustive week investigation we are finally charges of aggravated murder aggravated kidnapping obstruction of justice and desecration of a body in the homicide of mackenzie keith brown identified the suspect as ula a chhaya previously labelled a person of interest he says they are still investigating if anybody else was involved luke was a college student who went missing from salt lake city park at three in the morning eleven days ago police say they found burned evidence including luke's belongings and her remains at the thirty one year old suspects home the u._s. supreme court says it will hear arguments about president trump's attempted repeal of dhaka the obama era policy that protects dreamers lower courts blocked trump's move to get rid of dhaka the u._s. supreme court is recessive for the summer so the case probably will not be heard until the fall a ruling may not come before early next year a man arrested in oklahoma city after a violent assault caught on an officer's body cam here's jim forci oklahoma city police have released body cam footage of monday's arrest of a man inside the hub of a sixty nine year old woman he had just allegedly attacked and raped and held at knife point now put your.

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