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So what are the teachers you talk to say about working with students like Esther students who don't have access to things like scissors or a place to do their homework. Right. I mean, they talked about kids not having any resources at home. And it's not just things like scissors could be access to the internet books place to study a place to sleep. I talked to a teacher at an elementary school in celinas named Maria Kosti Janos and more than eighty percent of her third graders. This year are considered homeless. It's like if one falls asleep in my classroom because they had a bad night at home. I Mike I'm not waking up, Mike. She's miss. You miss. You may need their sleep more than anything else. She said this makes teaching really hard. I asked and another teacher at the same school. Oscar moss why they're so committed to teaching these students, right? Why they've spent more than twenty years each at this one school the children that are here. I get emotional like me, they know that I live that same life. I grew up in a migrant camp we lived in a labor camp till I was about eleven years old a worked in the fields from the time. I was seven years old. My dad worked in the fields was a two tiny bedroom. I don't even know if I want to call it home because it was really a home farm workers on the central coast and around the state have been struggling with substandard housing for a long time. What's behind the spike in homeless kids? Now part of it is definitely demographics. There is a lot of really low wage workers in these communities and housing prices have gone up so dramatically there. But another piece of it is that Monterey County, and especially this district. I was referring to in celinas are doing a particularly good job of keeping track of these students. The state reports that there are some four hundred districts around California that don't report a single homeless student, right? Even though any homeless advocate would tell you that these students are in just about any community in the state. That's a big deal because that means any homeless students in those districts are not getting access to the protections that they're entitled to that are meant to. To give them equal access to an education Vanessa, thanks so much. Thanks for. Having me Vanessa ranked. Daniel is the California reports education reporter, you can read and listen to more of her reporting about homeless students on the central coast at California report dot org..

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