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Now, I'm saying, okay. They should've taken Josh down. Yeah. Challenge should have been the guy. He should have been the guy that was going to be on the outside of that defense because that defense needs playmakers, and we had ten overall picks that they ended up using they traded some other pigs seven of those ten were defensive pick. So they obviously show you that they need defensive play makers by virtue of how many defensive players they took in the draft. But for me, it's about Josh Allen in this case because Josh Allen was right there for the taking, and I'm assuming and I do believe that Daniel Jones would have been there at seventeen if they want them. Yeah. But it's also hard to compare quarterbacks defensive ends. Right. I think that's why. And plus he's on the Redskins ask it's people are going to compare those two. There's no. Doubt about it. If they would have. So if Washington and fifteen would have taken Haskins, and then the giants taking Daniel Jones, then I would have just said, well, you know, the giants were passing on on Haskins. Anyway, so it didn't matter. But I don't know. This is just to me it's about Josh Allen more more so than twain Haskins. Yeah. Telling you that the the person that'll be compared to Daniel Jones. The least out of these three players is Josh Allen. And the other two are Dwayne Haskins and Sam darnold because people are going to compare apples to apples and quarterbacks that you could have had it's the most important position in sports. I agree. I agree. But I just think that if if Josh Allen goes out there and becomes rookie defensive rookie of the year and becomes a Pro Bowl player. Like Darius Leonard did last year for the colts giant fans are going to be livid. Because you know, he was supposedly the edge pass rusher that fell much like sweat fell. He felt a little bit for whatever reason at Oliver fell a little bit for whatever reason. So. Those three defensive players in my eyes that would be sweat. That would be that would be Alan. And that would be Oliver all have something. I probably think in their mind have something prove because at one point in time. I believe that they all bought it. They were going to be like top three picks. Yeah. Absolutely. All of boomer and geo on the fan CBS sports network. Just getting started. We've got Yankee field level tickets. We're giving away about those Yankees. Yes. Within the next forty five minutes to make sure you stay.

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