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Superstation there. Petco Park is temporarily closing again due to a vaccine shortage. Get outside to come in just one day before teachers, grocery store workers and police officers become eligible to make appointments, you see, said Vehicle Health, which operates the downtown site says it'll be closed from tomorrow through next Tuesday due to what's described as a severe shortage of doses. You see Santiago help CEO Petty Mason, saying Anyone with an appointment during the next four days will get a message through my chart and will be automatically re scheduled as soon as they know more vaccine is on the way. For now, she says, the plan is to shift all appointments back by four days. Now. This news comes as a third vaccine gets the okay today from an FDA advisory panel. The outside panel of experts endorsing the Johnson and Johnson one dose vaccine, the panel voting an animus Lee to recommend that the full FDA approved for emergency use. That decision could come as early as this weekend, with doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine rolling out early next week. President Biden is in Harris County, Texas, today in the Houston area, visiting the emergency operations Center. After that massive winter freeze and storm caused damage to homes and water pipes in the state. Judge Lena Had I'll go introduce the president of the people working through the storm to help the Texan people. These folks are the tip of the spear. When it comes to fighting for our community. They have been sleeping on the floor stairwells where their families without power or water.

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