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All of its schools lasted at least three weeks and Long Beach unified plans to shut down its campuses for at least one thirty five now we have traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives let's take a look at your traffic conditions with Jeff banks well as Dan mentioned earlier just a reminder that Disneyland closed yesterday was the last day they were shut down today but there's a problem right now at Disneyland drive Anaheim five northbound right at Disneyland drive there was a car that was on fire fully engulfed in flames so bad that the fire department when they arrived decided they had to close the right two lanes so right now we officially have a secular going on in Anaheim five north bound as I said at Disneyland drive should be done before midnight we'll keep you posted also up four or five south bend at Skirball center drive there is a stalled car but not seeing much of a back up really no back up from that at all because the four oh five like all of our freeways on this Saturday night have been pretty much wide open so even with an incident like that it's still moving okay the tow trucks on the way and then finally on the five north bound and so mark connector the fourteen somebody lost a mattress in the slow lane the CHP will probably have to run a break to get that removed your export coming up at eleven forty five I'm Jeff Biggs with more traffic reports were often can extend seventy newsradio not just one but two that's how many new storms are taking aim at southern California the first one will be on our.

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