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Sense of urgency on this one place and desperate hockey down trailing by two goals hurdle and point to the left of Jones. And it's one of the sharks burns clears. Last loves you'll put it on a tee for Victor had been lady ski right to left in the third heaven wheels to center ice drops it for us. Go over to get in it's own and now to center ice kucherov across blood stamkos. What point center point headman the point? Stamkos right circle Andrei plot. Right. Turku drop in front point shoot. Save made by Jones rebound cleared by burns. Don't be waiting for the ice. Good setup for point Jones. The stop. Edmund stamkos at center deflects it in burns rip it out and you will the neutral zone. Kucherov quick up the middle plot. One seventeen left in the penalty factor. Kucherov dances across the blue line, right point, braided point, right circle. Kucherov. Plot feet in front shop the wide. Let me was covered rebound. Stamkos left corner. Processed food drive, right circle. Travis checked noca- Carlson steel and a clear down. The goes good row. Pursues us. He comes out to top it away to headman fifty four seconds left in the penalty, yellow debris point up the left wing to the red line. Now. Sweeps. It crossed Torelli right wing cross as for stamp goes or Carlson as I before his own charts doing a very solid job in his penalty. Kill heaven is pressured by Maier goes back by his own that thirty four seconds left in the penalty. There's Tyler Johnson off the bench marching the center. Drops it for Certa Javan now. Yanni gorge dangerous passback research adds to away my Sorenson. It goes out of play twenty four seconds left in what has been a pretty quiet lighting powerplay, so far they trail four to ten thirty seven hundred eighty. Yeah. Their best chance has come from. Brayden point and Kita kucherov.

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