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But it's time now for movie jeopardy. Lisa Wolfe, you're back. We'll play audio clips from popular movies and I'll try to name the movie while you play along at home. Rightly, son. That's exactly right, Carl. So this addition of Hollywood 3 60 will be doing Joe Pesci movie show fashion. He's a lot of fun. I've got a lot of background on Joe, Is there gonna be a lot of peeping out of his words? Because he know our letter words a lot. Worked pretty hard. We're going to avoid any of those four letter word and go from there. We're going to keep this a family show. The first movie we're going to start with is a 1990 crime film. Still, I never saw Jimmy so happy. It was like a kid way have money coming in through my Pittsburgh people. And even after wild Lufthansa thing began to calm down. Made Jimmy so happy that morning was that this was the day that Tommy was being made. I am going to take a wild guess right and say that is good fellow. That is good, fellas. That is right. What a fantastic movie. I can't believe it's from 1990. There you go. Of course, the film started. Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci. Um and did you know that Martin Scorsese who directed this film initially titled The film Wise Guy? No. Yeah, no. There you go. And there was a lot of improv and add living in this. Yes, because Martin Scorsese gave the actors that opportunity and that freedom to do that on I think that's part of what makes that movie is so fantastic. Oh, and it was nominated for six Academy Awards, and Joe Pesci won for best supporting actor. One of the greatest crime dramas of all time. Great. All right, we're going to change gears here a little bit this also in 1990 film, but it's a comedy starring Joe Pesci. Come on, get me You guys give up or you thirsty for more. That is home alone. But a great film produced by John and I Feel like a genius. I got to write. I know you're going to like these. Of course. That was a year genius. Who is hunky Culkin. Something like that. Macaulay Culkin, You got better good. But Catherine Oh, Herro is the mob was so good. This movie held the record for highest grossing live action comedy until it was over, taken by the hangover part to are to are too right. Oh, no. Where near as good as part one. I agree with you. All right. This next film is one of my favorites. Of course, its stars Joe Pesci, and this clip is one of my favorite moments from the film. So would you say you got a better shot of them going in and not so much coming out? You could say that. I did say that. Would you say that? Yeah. Is it possible? The two youths. To what To you, too. Okay. That is my cousin Vinny. Yes, This is a 1990 domain. Where is the Tomei? And that was that was the fireman Munsterman Monster, And we add Vincent Gabby, the lawyer had recently what a great movie and Marisa Tomei won the Academy Award for best supporting actress. She was She was great. She is and that that scene with the Utes. That is you. Buttes that is, and that is a great moment. Filmmaking. Okay, this next film is a hit three out of three year deal on a second. This is from these Are these are Carl movies? Yes. Is a Carl cat. I love joke. Well, you won't be so lucky. Next time this next film is a 1980 sports drama. Forget it. Forget it. I want you to face him in a fish. Forget about it. Forget about it. Come on. We have fights all the time. When you're worried you're gonna meet a famous face. Okay. Faith in what? Okay, So I'm going to tell you something about this movie. Okay. First of all, it's called Raging bulls. Sure is. It is my favorite movie of all time. I didn't know came out in 1981 best picture. Robertson Nero. Right, Joe Pasha. They played brothers and Robert DeNiro plays Jake LaMotta, teacher and best director..

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