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Amazing welcome to the hoop collective andrew are we announcing this is now a thursday podcast going to come out on thursday so whether we announce it or not that's well the podcast shuffling again celebrate this because people love a little spice a little predictability is that exactly the opposite who that may define the difference between you me right there subbing for jackie macmullan this week that he mac is not gonna be around for couple of taking the trip and i don't want to give it away but it's going to be spectacular i hope she tells us about it when she comes back but subbing for jackie mac this week is the one the only the great rachel nichols in los angeles we should i think we should be honest with the people rachel and say that we're actually taping this wednesday afternoon so there's because there's a whole whole slate of nba game tonight and i don't want i'm for transparency and you always say that so then when something happens then i after that is completely proving everything you said wrong we'll hey i'm not a fortune teller right good so also joining us soon will be banned fans but andrew han of course ritual we need some news today but the people who listen to this will say yesterday klay thompson has a broken thumb he does indeed now that did not stop him from dancing i just want to point that out because there's some injuries and i'm not by the way implying that he should be able to play basketball because he was dancing newsra two different skills i just want to let people know who are maybe not big warriors fans they don't care if plays playing basketball for the next two weeks but they really care about china clay and those dancing internet videos rest assured he was still dancing at steph careers thirtieth birthday party and man he could cut a rug let's just say that is it a broken thumb respraying them the you tell me i was told broken so was i but i'm reading that sprained anyway speaking of speaking of that i wanna stay i'm not a doctor.

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