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And the cardinals starting a four game series Carlos Martinez who got the final out of the eighth inning now will pitch the night three one cardinals Dickerson Posey Kolar the three others coming up for the giants against this hard throwing right hander first pitch to Alec stickers in is on the outside corner. it's called a strike look like a changeup. now a pitch is low and maybe off the outside as well ball one. James Wilpon's done an excellent job today four innings no runs here's a pitch high Dickerson. I had an account to own one Martinez not real precise so far this games are thrown a lot of pitches nine of them but is Mrs of been big Mrs two one. Dickerson bounces it to first right there to feel backend is gold thread healthy do Martinez underhand stop covering for the out I had a big concern one away. was suppose you can reach base and get Paul are out there is the tying run with his power a large been a hot. the pitch hi anti lookout Posey duck to get out of the way. but he did ball one man Carlos Martinez for a you can't be a comfortable about right now the pitches it he's missing weather just going all over the place that was a breaking ball from I mean that that was not like that was some intent pitch. effectively wild I think at the moment the one swing and a miss cedar a slider right out over the plate that time Posey opened up but Mister foster one for three with a single. Posey slugging average of the years down to three seventy swings here and pops one up fall behind all Blake. the power has just disappeared. want to **** got a swing down to chase a slider to down. DMV happy of that for both of those the the end of the case here this is a foot outside to down. for Kevin of Polari has a nasty slider. Martinez gets a lot of those wings you got one of those against Longoria in the eighth inning. it's down to the final out three one cardinals to down nobody on here tonight many cardinals fans in standing up here is bush stadium first pitch ball R. jumps back out of the way and takes a fast ball football one. tomorrow for forty five Pacific giants. game two of the series. there is a strike face the guy's been pitching like the eighties Jack Flaherty. very.

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