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Georgia, O'Keefe. So fat but I also like if you're doing, have you ever section called entertainment I, mean radio is a huge form of entertainment since way before us and. She I. Don't know like even like I know who she is and I mean. Older people know and she just she was known across the country. Yes. She did like a syndicated nighttime show and. I she didn't make it. No, I just look she's not a but but but again, if she did, she'd be in the company of Oprah and Maya Angelou. So what not really I? I think the Lila's impressive and successful, but I don't think she was particularly revolutionary. She was a smart businesswoman to take a radio show and turn it into a Corny sappy lovey kind of a thing that. Only found comfort of it from it but yeah. I'm wondering what other Media that celebrities made it. Okay because like. I, this is where it gets difficult than I could read them to you but I'm GonNa get. You never heard of Zora Neale Hurston I. Guess you never heard of Lorraine Hands Berry and I I I know I haven't at the Lewis of never heard of her and that's why say it's interesting to go on here. And to read about these amazing women that you might have never heard of this, I wo- probably hard to put that together too because most of these people that you're naming obviously people from the past. So some enter had google this. Impressive Women Women Inventors Women Hideo like stuff like that. Check it out of the sun, USA Today and kind of an interesting read and pick through it and pick the different categories and and learn about this. It is Katie WB and now to another very impressive woman. The girl Jenny Weather Girl Jenny has the forecast this weekend she says rain tonight and the Nice this weekend So that is your forecast from an amazing meteorologist who has found a way to make a doppler radar system out of the back weather page of the pioneer practice. I. Don't know how she's done it. Wow. That's impressive. One Vodka bottle in the mix that's also. Vein she says, is it a good night for or afternoon evening for four tracking because of possible severe storms this Bush rocking that's More. You said he neither I said porch rocking, there's. I mean, it's really hard. Can I just say to tell the twin cities exactly what the weather's going to because it's a very wide area but It's like. Yeah well, this is what is going to be in Minneapolis but over in Woodbury I dunno know there is supposed to be storms later in the evening looks like it's about to now. Yeah it's not really supposed to now but like seven, eight, nine, ish. Storm Judy has a great idea called Jenny's weather watchers where they had people. Like. Pearl would call in for new hope with Samper Chair. Would call in for a Madison with temperature viewpoint hourly. Yeah. And so Funny May Bowl and Virgil or get a call in from over in coon rapids what the temperature Jenny's weather watchers go ahead and call in with the temperature right now in your neck of the woods. So much Liz Hayes Leonard and Maple Grove it's raining. Thanks a lot. Thanks, letter? Okay Values at home. So we said little contest here. See See how many times fallon can her dog bark in What are we can make a limit of fifteen seconds. Because it'll drive you nuts. Okay. So you call me six, five, one, nine, eight, nine, Katie will get three calls on the phone right now and I'm GonNa get you a DVD prize pack of some great DVD's. We get a bunch of DVD's here the station and we throw the bad ones out honestly we either throw away or donate 'em but we'd some good ones he keep them and we're gonNA give you a little pet prize pack of you can guess. Coming closest kind of like prices right to how many barks fallon can get out of one dog or both dogs fallon I can't I it's Buzzer both because I won't be able to maintain one. and. May Get confused. WHO's GONNA to be the bar counter I think it will record it could record it. In case we need to do instant replay. Can you do in history replaying the vox pro? I have. So while we're going to people, I am wearing a headset like Britney. Spears when she performs connected to a cord. So when I get up to go to the door, I'm GONNA have to take this off where I can't hear you guys and just firearm up for fifteen seconds and then come back. Okay. We'll do that. Call me at six, five, one, eight, nine, Katie Wbz you'll guess how many Bartsch we can get out of Fallon's dogs in fifteen seconds now I don't know but is it the roof roof or is it Berber River Road River? That's why we have an instant replay. They I don't what they're going to do. I don't know how they'll perform today Elliott's obviously more of a Yep. Yep. Dolly CAN PEDOPHILIC can trigger off and give you a bunch in a row to who knows. If you WANNA play called six, five, nine, eight, nine, Katie wbz summer stimulus. This hour is money text that word money to two, hundred, two, hundred, I wanNA mention this one to. MEDTRONIC TC marathon. I'm not bragging, but I've done it twice I did the ten miler once it's virtual this year and you got the entire month of October to run your ideal razors a couple of different options. For example, you can do the MEDTRONIC TC family events. Perfect for your little.

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