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You hear everybody wants of you. Everybody's trying to hire a coach. That's you gotta get this guy let you they want. They won't want to you. You think of what goes through my mind is you know. It's flattering and humbling rich. But it's a result of the success. We've had as a team and you know it's just like you know but it but you know what though it is true though like we got great coaches on our staff got good players. you know. So much in alignment with less than his. You know his group and You know it's a it's a great reflection of organization and what we've done and i think You know that's the biggest thing in disguise that we've worked with over the last couple years get opportunities with matt. Zach taylor you know. They're deserving of it because of what they've done on their own merit merit and when they go in and compete for jobs people say man we can see this guy leading our organization and you know. I'm i'm looking forward to seeing. Those guys thrive be told kingsbury that he has a job. Because of you too. Now that's cliff. God is the alana zone okay. I'm you know you're you're not going on his door to join your staff. I know that he was a he passed him. According to schefter. Did you totally. What did you do too. well Basically you know we i he. He obviously has a pre existing relationship with with patrick mahomes. He was out. You're doing some things and cliff was having dinner with him and a group of people and we have a mutual friend. And i tricked them into thinking that you know. He was tampering and that he was going to lose some picks. It was what you've changed somebody. Somebody's name and phone to roger. Goodell doing our mutual friend. He.

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