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That's math NASA's dot com slash in or call eight five five nine one two m a t h I can't believe the proximity that you guys get to guerrillas when you everybody when you go you'll see like, you're not way, I want to go. It is something that everyone must do. First of all, a safari is something everyone must do. But for sure to be that close to these magnificent majestic creatures that that have so much power that don't wanna hurt you that are just sitting there just that's that's what seems very unattainable like five. Nansha? But the more popular they've become they've they've they have the very high end luxury safaris, but they do have economical ways for you to do it. You can stay in a motel, and they'll just bring you a stuffed animal. That's exactly right. That's what I'll be doing with my family. But yeah, it's cool. It's like it seems to be on pretty much. Everyone's bucket list is like, oh, yeah. I want to go on a safari and then to see. Yeah. And it should be because I mean, it you are entering their territory. It's their world and the way that they look at you is I mean, it's it's hard to describe. I remember just before we went we had dinner, and Leo DiCaprio was at this dinner on that was a name dropping someone here in L A. Sorry. Or the name. Leo was at the dinner. But you know, in of all the things that Leo has done in his life with his foundation because I mean, he's away. Leo has dedicated himself to the environment is it's it's unbelievable. It's really an amazing. But he said one of his favorite things was this guerilla truck owners Wanda. Yeah. Wow. All right. So you may have seen this on the show. But this is Porsche's. This is the ground breaking ceremony attended by Porsche Ellen was back here. Doing shows. Thanks to us in Rwanda first week of at where it's really amazing ticket. Listen so a couple of weeks ago. My wife Porsche went to Rwanda she was there for the ground breaking ceremony for my campus that we're building for the Dian Fossey gorilla fund to help protect the mountain gorillas, and it was an incredible experience. And I want to show you more of what happened because she it was it's amazing. This thing came about because I thought what on earth? Do you give the woman who has everything? So I thought the best gift that I could give her was a way to connect her past to her future at a little girl. Now seeing that brave woman scientists who left her comfortable life to set up a tent in the Rwandan forest to save a species on the brink of extinction was transformative for Ellen's it made her see the world differently, and it made her see her place within it differently. I gave this gift to Ellen because we both love and wanted to protect gorillas after coming here. However, we fell in love with the country and its people. This is. The guys on. So this campus isn't for me or for Ellen. It's to the people of Rwanda, it is my hope that the campus will serve as a catalyst to encourage US Dream bigger to know that we too can make an impact and that all of us can become trailblazers just like Ellen and. Brian. Incredible. You know, they're endangered like there's not a lot of them. No, there's well. There was eighty and then the Reese the recent count. I think we're up to a thousand. So it's real conservation success story, which is rare. There's a thousand gladdens. Wow. Just glavin. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Wait. Okay. You know, I just want. I just want to tell all of our listeners our listeners now that that Eboni or wearing the same sweater. Yes. They are. We'll we'll post a photo. We'll post you have a very similar. It's going to be honest. It looks better on you. I don't know. If you if you. Yeah, we should post a photo. But just so, you know, Eddie's ED's wearing a lady shirt. Just so everyone's clear, and I it's wearing, you know about your Marsh, della fanny pack, and I too have a Gucci fanny pack. Remember when you got your first big screen TV life changer. Suddenly normal.

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