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Way you can receive updates periodically whenever new content is available the crash of Gary Powers and his U Two spy plane in May of nineteen sixty is a pivotal event in the Cold War leading up to the crash. The United States was positioning itself to normalize relations with the Soviet Union. The crash ended any hopes of ending the Cold War do mean Europe and the world to thirty additional years of nuclear brinksmanship and fearmongering the first part of our examination of this event. We looked closely at the response of the Eisenhower Administration seen how the men at the highest levels of government feared the reaction to their obvious illegal and provocative overflights they knew that if what they were doing was suddenly revealed to the world that there would be hell to pay <music> Eisenhower the Brothers Secretary of State John Foster Dulles and C._I._A.. Chee Fallon Doha's as well as chief of Staff A._J.. Good pasture all agreed to deny deny any involvement in the flight. If one should crash would be captured when Francis Gary powers did crash in federal loss Russia on May first nineteen sixty. United States initially denied any knowledge claiming the plane must have been a weather research plane without any connection to the United States when Francis Gary Powers was discovered alive and was identifying himself using a C._I._A.. Identification Card the denials ended to the admissions began blame the victim despite amount of international the National Law and Treaty Obligation Eisenhower refused to apologize and accept responsibility for any wrongdoing at the nineteen sixty Paris peace conference between Eisenhower Nikita Khrushchev the Premier Mirror of the Soviet Union Eisenhower blamed the violation of Soviet airspace on the secrecy of the Soviet government. He literally blamed the victim. Nikita Khrushchev was understandably upset. He walked out of the Paris Peace Conference with Eisenhower ending the best chance up until that time for peace between the nuclear powers Eisenhower's warning prior to the crash had proven apocryphal it was as if Eisenhower had foreseen what would happen and had warned us knowing that this was a result he said if one of these planes goes down the world will be in a mess this admission by Eisenhower power shows his concern with the illegality of which these flights represented this statement. If one of these planes goes down the world will be a mess shows how Eisenhower.

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