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On dale heart heard hurt for the third position heard of our it goes up that banking and herbert goes to third down here we get to the inside of earned marte you'll get more earlier been has a very strong race car here the closing moments and daytona five hundred it took the lead away from mark martin that lack number one forty seats after yielding it to kill elliott irvin now on the move we're in third when elliott behind you mean for it find a way to get around his teammate right now single files when they come back and it turned into one with sterling marlon still that manning on the point deal terrence it's whitey behind him pervert next that montee ball clear that karl of time ready six cars now run single filed looking for their back the only car outta blinding is the add ready lap car up brought sterling ballot now leads the way side by side person and don't it up to the top of the banking dale tear it takes it at the bottom of the race track tear it's part dress up the banking ever so slightly downhill go side by side for third with bill elliott while that race he's going on in the last early martin to get another couple a car links on the leaders now it ducks back in single files across the line uses backup in second place front for carson are knows detain you know cherry get back in the line in the six position he may take it from jeff gordon as they exit turnover to woodhead down the back straightaway we have twenty five lapse to go all of the daytona five hundred sterling marlon leads earlier been bill elliott dan learn heart and dale gerrit now ervin's going to go after the top spot in the race in turn three good swings to the top of the banking starling marte won on the inside side by side probably doctor and four we have nobody to draft with kenny hang.

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